The Lucrative Surprise A Couple Found In Their Seafood Dish

Usually, people find treasures in seafood before it hits the table. According to Lines On The Water, fishermen have found fish of all kinds filled with cash, engagement rings, even sandwiches, and much more. But, usually the hidden goods typically don't inspire awe. Game & Fish Magazine reports that fishermen mostly find used cigarette butts inside fish, and a snorkel was once found inside some sea life in Florida. However, in comparison, one lucky couple seemingly struck the jackpot when they sat down to a seafood dinner recently.

According to "The Today Show," Michael and Maria Spressler visited The Lobster House Restaurant, an eatery in Cape May, New Jersey that the couple has visited for over 34 years. The Spresslers ordered "a dozen clams on the half-shell" but noticed something strange inside one of them. As Michael Spressler opened up the final clam and started eating it, he noticed something bizarre in his mouth. He first thought that he lost a tooth, but then discovered that he stumbled upon a find like no other.

The couple found a gem of a surprise inside

"The Today Show" reports that Michael Spressler bit into an clam to find an 8.8-millimeter pearl that could potentially sell for thousands of dollars. Most people commonly associate oysters with pearl production, but mussels and clams also have the capacity to make these valuable objects. According to Smithsonian Magazine, not every clam can produce a pearl. Only freshwater and certain saltwater types have the ability to make high-quality pearls. So while you might find one inside a clam, more often than not, these gems come from oysters, where Wonderopolis reports that they appear more commonly in both saltwater and freshwater varieties.

For now, the Spresslers don't have any plans to capitalize on their lucky discovery. "I would like to have it set into a nice piece of jewelry, maybe a mermaid or something nautical," Maria Spressler said. "It's a beautiful remembrance of that day and what we have is so special." So, the next time you visit your local seafood house, cross your fingers and hope you get as lucky as this couple did and walk out of the door with a gem worth thousands of dollars.