Instagram Is Cheering Amanda Freitag's #Girlpower Shoutout For Women's History Month

Amanda Freitag has come a long way since her days as a busser. Despite starting her restaurant career at the bottom rung of the front of the house, she soon discovered that her heart was really in the kitchen after a visit to the Culinary Institute of America, where she ended up attending culinary school. She then worked in restaurants in both Paris and New York City before attracting the attention of the Food Network and landing a spot as a judge on "Chopped" (via CBS This Morning).

While she may be an accomplished chef now, Freitag had to start at level one, describing one botched practical exam at CIA during which she forgot how to cut a whole chicken. "You know what, I can cut a chicken with my eyes closed now," she told CBS. "With anything, you find your weak spots, and then you perfect them." And perfect them she has, as Freitag has developed a résumé that could inspire any chef, especially other women who have worked their way up in the restaurant industry. Freitag paid tribute to these people in a recent Instagram post honoring Women's History Month in March.

Freitag celebrates Women's History month with a tribute to women everywhere

Chef Freitag's latest Instagram post features a picture of her standing backstage at "Chopped," clad in a chef's jacket with the show's logo, her hands on her hips and a determined smile across her face. Freitag captioned the post in honor of all women chasing their dreams and those who help them along the way. "To all the girls out there, just remember: YOU CAN. And to all the inspiring women who told me I could, who set the bar, who spoke up, who pushed, who achieved, and who changed the world: thank you. #womenshistorymonth."

Instagrammers took to the comments section to applaud Freitag's words. "Well said chef! You've always been a seriously determined cook and always met head-first and pushed through the barriers that women unfortunately had to deal with in a fiercely competitive environment," wrote one user, while another chimed in, "Woot! We are stronger together." Cat Cora, another female chef who has found success on the Food Network, left an appreciative heart emoji.