Instagram Is Loving Martha Stewart's Birthday Run-In With Justin Bieber

Celebrities — they're just like us! Well, sort of. Every so often, we bump into people we know while we're out and about. Sometimes, these spontaneous encounters brighten our day, like when we see a friendly neighbor at the local coffee shop. Other times, we spot our exes in the supermarket and feel the need to run for cover. Either way, coming face to face with pals in public is something we've all experienced. But if you've ever spotted a celebrity in the wild, it's a whole different type of sensation. Do you ask for an autograph or a selfie? What if they just want to be left alone? Wait ... who is that with them?

Well, apparently, even famous people become excited when they see fellow stars hitting the town. On March 1, 2022, something just shy of magic occurred when the ever-legendary domestic goddess Martha Stewart just so happened to be dining at the same sushi restaurant as pop star and birthday boy Justin Bieber (via Instagram).

Martha Stewart stumbled upon Justin Bieber on his 28th birthday

When worlds collide, amazing things can happen. On Tuesday, Martha shared a photo of her and Biebs — who was sporting a very '90s-esque look complete with a bucket hat, a pearl necklace, chic shades, and a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey — on her personal Instagram with a caption that reads, "Looking skinny yet fit and happy with a very attractive bunch of friends @justinbieber Justin Bieber was at sushi park restaurant celebrating his 28th birthday! Happy birthday !!" Of course, fans have been gushing over the pic. One user wrote, "I'm jealous. You're very popular. Actually I want to be your friend too." Another commented, "I wish Martha Stewart would call me skinny yet fit." As far as which of Justin's attractive friends were with him on his special day, that detail remains a mystery.

This isn't the first time Martha has humblebragged on social media about her run-ins with other VIPs. The day before Super Bowl LVI, Martha Stewart was spotted hanging out with rapper Drake, as she also documented on her Instagram. And then, at the big game, she and fellow TV cook Guy Fieri snagged a pic together — one that has garnered more than 250,000 likes. Oh, and if you're not already familiar, Martha and Snoop Dogg are besties. When you're as cool as Martha, it makes total sense that people want to spend time with you — even just to say hi and snap a quick photo.