Reddit Is Loving This Wholesome DoorDash 'Angel'

Many people joined the gig economy to be their own boss and work on their own time and terms, whether its driving people around or delivering food or groceries. However, it can be tough to make a decent living doing so, particularly working for a food delivery app like DoorDash. Dashers only get paid $2 to $10 per delivery order before tips, which works out to just $11 an hour on average for 2021, according to Ridester, below the minimum wage in some areas of the country. And that's before factoring in expenses like car insurance and gas.

And while the DoorDash website claims that Dashers can make $25 an hour including tips, tips are never required, which is a big problem that Dashers face. Not only that, but "tip baiting," where a customer promises a large tip for delivery, only to reduce it or remove it entirely after delivery, has become a big problem, reports Today. However, every now and then, the opposite is true, where a customer goes above and beyond to reach "angel" status. Here's one such example. Grab your tissues and read on.

Dasher receives a very generous tip on a small order

A Dasher recently shared on the DoorDash subreddit on Reddit an exchange he had with a customer to prove that "Angels do exist." The post, which received a wholesome tag, has been upvoted nearly 2,000 times. In the comments, the Dasher recounts how they picked up a $12 order of burgers at Red Robin, with no expectations of anything out of the ordinary. When the Dasher saw that the customer had tipped them $50 after the delivery, they reached out to the customer to make sure that the tip amount was correct, and to also mentioned that they had been struggling and how appreciative they were of the generous tip. The customer then asked for the Dasher's Venmo or Cash App and sent an additional $500, for a total of $550 on a $12 order, which brought the Dasher (and several others on the thread) to tears.

Fellow Redditors rallied behind the Dasher, with comments that included, "So happy for you!" and "That's enough to restore my faith in humanity." Other Redditors shared their own delivery angel stories. Some Redditors were even moved to help out the Dasher, and sent additional funds via Venmo and Cash App. The Dasher was super grateful and said that they will be "looking for ways to help people" in the future. More news like this, please!