A New England Patriots Star Just Gave Waffle House A Shoutout

When it comes to breakfast, professional football player David Andrews doesn't mess around. "I really don't discriminate on my breakfast cards, but the undefeated champion is a Waffle House waffle," the center for the New England Patriots, told the Boston station of CBS.

This devotion reflects the upbringing he had in the state of Georgia. While describing to the Athens Banner-Herald how he doesn't really think about his diet, Andrews brings up Waffle House as his go-to example. He says, "My biggest meal is usually dinner. Breakfast is usually light. I'll go to Waffle House and get a biscuit."

It's a good thing he doesn't discriminate on his breakfast because he just flipped pancakes for a great cause. Andrews volunteered for a National Pancake Day stunt for Abby's House in Worcester, one of the oldest homeless shelters that houses only women. Reportedly, the center was glad to be able to once more give back to the community, another part of being on the Patriots that the pandemic had put on hold.

David Andrews gives back twice in one day

Normally, telling CBS that you like the waffles served at the Waffle House over any other breakfast is fine, but on National Pancake Day? If an NFL player prefers to eat a waffle and a few pieces of the huge amounts of bacon served up by the Waffle House on the unofficial pancake holiday, it's totally fine because such things don't matter when it comes to volunteering for any good cause. 

Considering David Andrews has such a big heart, it's understandable that he might have a big appetite. On the same day he flipped pancakes for Abbeys House, he buzzed his mullet off for the "Shaving for Saving" Boston Children's Hospital fundraiser. If the man wants a meal from Waffle House, the man should get it. 

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution "Waffle House is iconic in Atlanta and the state of Georgia."  This may be a part of why the former Georgia Bulldog holds a special place in his heart for the popular breakfast spot.