The Ridiculous Amount Of Bacon Waffle House Makes Every Year

The one and only Waffle House has been a staple for hungry patrons in the U.S. since 1955, according to Waffle House. The founders of the waffle joint, Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner, had no idea that when they opened an around-the-clock restaurant that they would be creating an Americana phenomenon. While the restaurant chain welcomes customers 24 hours a day, they celebrate breakfast first and foremost. 

The signature black and yellow gleaming sign even keeps food legends coming back. Anthony Bourdain had an idyllic review after his first Waffle House experience (via YouTube), "It is indeed, marvelous. An irony-free zone where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts." It would be tough to find someone who doesn't find that same comfort and salvation when walking through those Waffle House doors, welcoming everyone regardless of the hour or possible level of inebriation. While vegans will root for tempeh, others believe that a classic breakfast isn't complete without a few glistening strips of bacon. The amount of bacon Waffle House sizzles up each year tells us that's the case.

Waffle House forks over enough bacon to wrap around the entire planet

Waffle House, known as WaHo to true breakfast lovers, prides itself in putting the people first. "We aren't in the food business. We're in the people business," as Rogers says (via Waffle House). Although, from the looks of it, they may really be in the bacon business. Waffle House makes 25,000 miles of bacon each year. That's enough bacon to wrap entirely around the Earth's equator, according to Springfield News Sun. Even one mile of bacon is hard to imagine, let alone 25,000 of them.

With that pathway of bacon, one would assume that's Waffle House's most popular item, but even 25,000 miles doesn't beat the surplus of eggs this restaurant chain dishes out, which has surpassed 3 billion since the restaurant chain first opened its doors, Waffle House confirms. While eggs, hash browns, and sweet carbs may be universal crowd-pleasers, nothing beats a love affair with bacon. Fans are so enamored with Waffle House's bacon that the restaurant even released a bacon beer. In collaboration with Oconee Brewing Company, a bacon-scented red ale dubbed Waffle House Bacon & Kegs was born, Food and Wine reported.