The Problem Aldi Shoppers Have With Its Asparagus Spears

People have racked up gripes against asparagus for years. According to Bon Appétit, diners have had poor experiences with the vegetable as a result of using the wrong size of asparagus spears for their cooking method, snapping off too much of the spear, not blanching the vegetable before it gets properly cooked, and preparing the vegetable too far in advance. Others don't prefer asparagus when it is prepared in a way they dislike. Some find the boiled version of the vegetable intolerable, per We Are Not Foodies.

Others have developed issues when it comes to pre-packaged, frozen asparagus found at Aldi grocery stores. One Redditor brought up this issue on r/aldi and posted a picture of the cooked asparagus that came out of the bag, alongside the caption, "WHERE ARE YALL HIDING THE REST OF OUR ASPARAGUS?" The lack of stalks caused a heated discussion on Reddit, and many Aldi fans poured in to share their thoughts on how the grocery chain dishes out their pre-packaged asparagus.

Aldi drops the ball on asparagus

The main issue the author of the Reddit post had with the Aldi asparagus was in relation to the serving size, versus what actually came in the package. They said, "Which three people are these serving sizes for? Because we need to check and see if they're eating ok." Other Redditors concurred and expounded on the complaint, chiming in with, "This picture is the reason I've never bought frozen asparagus. Looks a limp, lifeless, slimy mess," and, "Some veggies are perfectly wonderful frozen (peas, corn). But NEVER asparagus. Not even sure why they bother to try to freeze asparagus." Another asked, "I am so confused. Is that frozen asparagus that was steamed to brown?" and the author responded with, "We actually threw it away bc it smelled rancid."

Others couldn't believe the Aldi asparagus looked so unappetizing, and simply said, "So this is what frozen asparagus looks like. Yuck," and, "Looks like canned asparagus, very odd." It appears that no amount of blanching or prepping could save these wilted stalks and the author of the post may think twice before picking up frozen asparagus at Aldi again.