Frozen Peas Might Be Superior To Fresh. Here's Why

So, you've prepared a delicious meal and sat down with your friends or family to enjoy it, only to find with one of your very first bites that your peas are mushy and starchy. This is because, as Wide Open Eats reports, fresh peas lose their texture quickly. So what's a home cook to do? A great option is to look toward frozen peas as an alternative. When peas are flash frozen at their optimal maturity just after being picked, both texture and freshness are maintained. Additionally, flash frozen peas are just as healthy as fresh peas, as they contain the same vitamins, so you won't be compromising your nutrition by going the frozen route. Even better, as Taste of Home points out, frozen peas are often already shelled, as opposed to fresh peas, therefore cooking them is simpler.

There are other benefits of cooking with frozen peas instead of fresh peas, including benefits for the environment. Frozen peas will last longer than fresh peas, which unfortunately have to be thrown in the garbage when they inevitably go bad, therefore, frozen peas are actually more viable than fresh peas (via Wide Open Eats). Also, frozen foods will virtually never expire if stored at the right temperature.

Frozen peas are the bee's knees

Don't go running off to the grocery store just yet because there are more beneficial aspects of frozen peas that will have you completely sold on these well-preserved vegetables. A single bag of frozen peas can last a long time, and frozen peas are less expensive than fresh peas, leaving you with more money in your wallet. Furthermore, munching on frozen peas can be a great snack if you're looking to lose weight, as not only are they filling, they contain lots of nutrients and are a good source of the vitamin folate (via Wide Open Eats).

According to recipes posted on Taste of Home, frozen peas can be prepared in a variety of ways, including boiled, steamed, sautéed with butter or oil, or even simply zapped in the microwave.

So, next time you're heading to the farmers market for peas, instead think about a visit to the frozen food aisle. Your bank account, your body, and the environment will thank you.