Arby's Is Celebrating St. Patrick's Day With The Return Of This Limited-Time Sandwich

If pumpkin spice heralds the arrival of autumn and peppermint flavors signal the winter holiday season, then green food items mark the coming of St. Patrick's Day. As fast food companies roll out their special products to celebrate, customers look forward to the introduction of green into the usual menu. Whether you're thinking of popular seasonal treats like McDonald's classic Shamrock Shake or even recall dunking your fries into neon green ketchup from Burger King back in 2012, there's no denying that restaurant chains take full advantage of the holiday. Roast beef purveyor Arby's is about to get in on the celebrations. 

The chain's offering for the holiday is a bit different than the classic green menu items associated with St. Patrick's Day. Instead, it is bringing back a classic menu item to kick off the holiday in a much meatier way (via Brand Eating). But before you worry that the roast beef is either brined in Guinness or, through some horrible affront to man and nature, has been tinted a delicious shade of green, rest assured that the sandwich is actually something you've seen on the menu before.

The Double Stack Reuben returns to Arby's.

The Double Stack Rueben is the big brother to Arby's original Reuben sandwich, although the amount of corned beef on the sandwich has been doubled to 7 ounces, hence the name (via Fast Food Post). In a review of the sandwich at Brand Eating, it appears that the meat beats out the marbled rye or Thousand Island dressing as the focal point. The large amount of meat, the review explains, somewhat marginalizes the other flavors, having a heartier texture over the chain's famous roast beef at the cost of being less tender. Overall, while the sandwich was a bit more expensive than the classic Rueben, Brand Eating recommended that if you wanted more corned beef, the Double Stack Reuben would be a good choice.

Youtuber Timmy's Takeout claimed that while the sandwich looked "gross" to him at first, he found the Reuben delicious. He noted that everything worked well together, and while the texture was a bit chewier than Arby's roast beef, the flavor was a cross between sausage and ham. Timmy said he was "totally shocked" and would devour it if he got it again. According to Thrillist, the Double Stack Reuben is around $7.49 and is available for a limited time.