This Is Heidi Klum's Go-To McDonald's Order

We love to learn supermodels like Heidi Klum are also super normal. Klum may grace the cover of fashion and sports magazines, but she also likes to eat the occasional fast food. While the television personality tends to favor starting her day with a green drink, makes soup with her kids, and keeps her meals relatively simple (via Women's Health), Klum revealed to the magazine that when her mom visits, all bets are off. Klum said, "My mum fries everything and drenches it in cream sauce. Any time she comes to visit, it's like — boom!"

Still, while the mom of four definitely makes health-conscious choices about what she eats, she also told Women's Health that she enjoys pizza and other foods once in a while. But what does Klum order when she needs a break from their favorite sauerkraut soup Klum even made for the judges of "America's Got Talent" so she pulls into the McDonald's drive-thru? According to Cheapism, It's one of the most beloved and iconic sandwiches the golden arches serve up.

It was first known as the Aristocrat

While Heidi Klum star appeared in a German commercial for McDonald's touting their salads in 2007 and again in 2009, looking all glamorous as she noshed on the fast food chain's Chicken Gourmet sandwich, Project Runway" star is actually a fan of the Big Mac (via Cheapism). In September 2018, Klum took to her Instagram to share her purchase, setting the Big Mac, fries, and drink on her bed. The post was captioned "Yes, Please," and received over 28,000 likes and streams of comments from her followers who loved her relatable meal.

Most people are familiar with the iconic sandwich now, but when the burger first hit McDonald's menu, it was originally known as the "Aristocrat." It doesn't roll off the tongue in quite the same way though, and luckily it didn't stick — but the Big Mac did and Klum is among the many who are loving it.