Why Walmart Is Recalling Its Great Value Tortilla Chips

Product recalls are never good, especially when it comes to food. No one wants to hear that food from the local grocery store is possibly contaminated with harmful bacteria or foreign objects. According to the FDA, there are three classes of recalls: Class I is when "there is a reasonable probability" of "serious adverse health consequences or death." Class II recalls are for products that "may cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences or where the probability of serious adverse health consequences is remote." And Class III is where it is unlikely that the product will cause health issues.

This recent food recall comes from grocery conglomerate Walmart regarding an item sold under its in-house brand, Great Value. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time the chain has had to pull an in-house product. In July of 2021, Best Life reported that four varieties of pre-packaged muffins Walmart sold under the Great Value label, were voluntarily recalled over listeria. The recall also applied to two varieties sold under Walmart's Marketside brand and various versions sold at other outlets. (According to Food Poisoning News, the majority of bacteria-related recalls, including those linked to listeria, fall under Class I.) Now, there's a new recall that shoppers should be aware of.

Metal pieces were found in some bags

This recent recall affects only Great Value Restaurant Style White Corn Tortilla Chips. These are some of the many varieties Walmart offers, like Hint of Lime and Chili Garlic, according to the Walmart website. A massive 25,550 affected bags are being recalled due to possible contamination by metal pieces, a Class II recall, according to Food Safety News. The announcement does not explain how the metal fragments may have ended up in the chips.

Food Safety News reports that customers who may have bought tortilla chips from Walmart can identify whether or not they have an affected bag in a few key ways. The lot has a best-by date of May 23 and lot codes of 122051 and 123051. While it might seem obvious just to throw the bags away, the government website Food and Safety says customers can return recalled items to the place of purchase for a full refund.