Sunny Anderson Serenades Her Pizza In Hilarious Instagram Stories

Cookbook author and television personality Sunny Anderson has whipped up plenty of delectable-looking dishes over the years that leave her fans drooling. However, in her latest Instagram stories, she took her devotion to culinary creations to a whole new level by serenading her pizza. And, it wasn't simply a quick story — it was a full-on series of 12, all featuring close-up shots of a freshly-baked pizza as the focal point. Anderson's voice was the second star of the show, as she sweet-talked and sang along to some music throughout.

She started the series with Jeffrey Osborne's song "We're Going All The Way" playing in the background. After requesting that Alexa turn the volume up, she proceeded to proclaim her love for the pizza, even saying she's going to "take this pizza out on a date." She DJs during the entire serenade session, moving from Lisa Stansfield's song "Been Around the World" to Usher's "Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)," switching up the words in both to swap in pizza-centric phrases.

Throughout her serenade, she continues to pan her camera over a pizza topped with pepperoni, chicken, and cherry tomatoes, the cheese still bubbling as she revels in the fresh-from-the-oven delight. "I wanna be all up in your slices," Anderson croons at one point in the story series, zooming in and out to the beat as her dog hilariously howls along in the background.

The comments section got cheeky

For those who might not regularly check out her stories — or to draw attention to these — Anderson shared an Instagram post tempting her followers to check out the particular set of stories she'd just posted, writing "Serenading this PIZZA in my storieeeeeeeees. DASSIT." The post has racked up 4,234 likes and 193 comments, with many appreciating her pizza just as she did in her clips, albeit without the serenading.

"Masterchef" winner Claudia Sandoval wrote "those Crispy pepperoni edges tho" with a heart-eyed emoji, while one fan added "it's the curvaceous pepperoni for me!" Another fan wrote that they hoped Anderson had some extra, to which the chef cheekily replied "NO. HOW DARE YOU, YOU SEE I'M IN LOVE!!!!"

Whether she's merely listening to music or full-on serenading her culinary creations, music and food are intertwined in Anderson's kitchen. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel revealed in a piece back in 2013, the celebrity chef is also a former DJ who has a recipe based on a Notorious B.I.G. song, as well as a Meatloaf-inspired meatloaf.

While Anderson didn't reveal the recipe that prompted her pizza serenade, she does have a recipe for "Sunny's Easy as 1-2-3 Pizza" on Food Network — without a three-song serenade.