What Redditors Have To Say About 'Coffee Shaming' This Dunkin' Order

They say that with great freedom comes great responsibility. While coffee chains like Starbucks and Dunkin' have certainly given their patrons great freedom, the responsibility part is still to be nailed because coffee orders tend to get a bit...wild. Besides, there's nothing that the internet likes more than hearing about unusual coffee orders. While in some parts of the world coffee grounds at the bottom of an empty cup are commonly used to reveal entire fortunes, elsewhere, a coffee order is the source of judgment for its drinker. Type "weird coffee orders" on Reddit and you'll find a string of discussions breaking down coffee orders and along with it, the person who would dare order such a drink.

A recent Dunkin' order with five pumps of caramel swirl, 15 cream, and 15 sugars has Reddit cracking down on a coffee order once again. Although the poster of the drink in question worries that they will be seen as "coffee shaming," fellow Redditors assure that it is "not coffee shaming. It's diabetes awareness." After all the cream, sugar, and caramel swirls, another comment jokingly suggests that it's not "coffee shaming" if the drink doesn't have coffee in it at all. 

Redditors are sharing all sorts of coffee orders with excessive sugar and cream

"Looking at this makes me feel like I need an insulin shot&my lactaid pills..." says one user, as another chips in with "just looking at this makes me want to down a liter of water" (via Reddit). While the Dunkin' order is certainly making Reddit queasy, some Redditors are sharing weird coffee encounters of their own.

One coffee order requesting a small iced coffee with 10 sugars and 10 cream had a barista wondering whether all that sugar was even going to dissolve in that little coffee. To their surprise, the customer found the drink to be perfectly "crunchy" to his liking. "I used to have a lady customer come and get a large sweet tea and she would demand at minimum 20 pumps of the liquid sugar and at least a half cup of cream. It was basically sweet milk water," recalls another comment.

Intrigued by the number of orders asking for excessive amounts of sugar and cream in their coffees, one barista decided to see what the fuss was about for themselves. "Had someone order double cream triple sugar stirred and after she left I made myself one to see why was she so addicted to these 3 times a day." After taste-testing the drink, they could safely say that the drink was "so disgusting."