Why One Magnolia Table Episode Is 'So Special' To Joanna Gaines

For TV personality and entrepreneur Joanna Gaines, the discovery+ show "Magnolia Table" is a way to connect with her fans by giving them a sneak peek into her life. Food is a big part of the show, of course: According to Delish, the episodes feature Gaines' family members and some of their favorite recipes including the backstories behind all of the meals they love to cook.

Per Paste Magazine, Gaines made the decision to ensure that things stayed a little informal on the TV show so that audiences could get a glimpse of what really goes on behind the scenes. She explained in a "making of" episode of the show, "I had started feeling like, 'Oh this is not real, this is more produced.' " She added that she told herself that if she was going ahead with the show, it's going to feature her "really cooking something, start to finish." She also said that if she made a mistake while cooking a dish, they'd include it in the show instead of deleting the scene to keep things real.

It appears that Gaines is very proud of "Magnolia Table" and she recently wrote on Instagram about an episode that's especially close to her heart.

Joanna Gaines' loved ones are in the episode

As Joanna Gaines wrote on Instagram, she's especially fond of a "Magnolia Table" episode that features her aunt, uncle, and mom in the kitchen as they prepare delicious dishes together. Gaines shared more details on her blog Magnolia and explained that as a child, she was used to feasting on dumplings with her mom and her relatives. Gaines wrote, "I knew I couldn't make today's menu without their help, so my mom, aunt, and uncle are joining me in the kitchen ... now that I'm the one introducing my own kids to these recipes, it feels special to host the people who first introduced them to me."

Much to Gaines' delight, her loved ones got a gift for her — one of her favorite food items, Korean Short Ribs. They grilled the ribs as they worked together on scrumptious dishes like chicken soup dumplings, honey garlic chicken with a little red pepper and pineapple, and some almond cookies to sweeten the deal. Joanna Gaines wrote, "I'm grateful for days like this one, spending time in the kitchen, sharing recipes and the stories behind them with people I love."

Her fans approve: An Instagram user wrote, "Oh, I already love this! Family is Everything," while someone else declared that this is their favorite episode and added, "Love that you're highlighting this & your experience as mixed Korean. Xoxo from another half-Korean sis."