The Taco Bell Secret Menu You Never Knew About

Taco Bell lovers (so, everyone, right?), this one is for you. You're probably familiar with secret menus. Many popular chains such as Starbucks and McDonald's have secret menus that are discussed and hyped by customers online. Taco Bell has a secret menu too, and it's filled with items that are just as delicious, if not more, than the options on the standard menu.

Ordering off the secret menu is an exciting experience but it can also be a confusing one. You might have to make a special request for these items since they're not part of the menu. Huffpost recommends describing the specifics of your order to employees as well as ordering the menu item as a custom order. You might even have to order regular menu items and assemble them yourself. Keep in mind that not all locations or employees will oblige your request. However, if you want a meal that's totally unique, then you should definitely shoot your best shot the next time you're at Taco Bell and go for an item on the secret menu.  

The Hulk

Just as everybody's favorite Tex-Mex fast food restaurant is Taco Bell, everybody's favorite green superhero is The Hulk. Combine the two, and you get pure magic: Taco Bell's The Hulk burrito is a secret, comforting menu item that people love. 

Unlike other secret menu items, asking for The Hulk can actually keep you in good favor with the employees since it's relatively simple to make. The Hulk is just a bean and cheese burrito with guacamole inside. We get it — the avocado is a simple addition to a standard order, and you might be wondering why it receives so much praise. However, it is often the most straightforward additions that make for the tastiest flavor. And this one is no different.

To order, ask for The Hulk. According to #HackTheMenu, if employees aren't sure about your request, just order a bean and cheese burrito with guacamole. If you're a huge guacamole fan, ask for some extra on the side for even more satisfaction. 

The Incredible Hulk

Why stop at The Hulk when you could have The Incredible Hulk? It's another one of Taco Bell's secret menu items, and just as the name suggests, it's incredible. The Incredible Hulk burrito takes the concept of The Hulk burrito to an entirely new level. It has five layers of delectable goodness that include beef, sour cream, and a tortilla shell, though you can skip the latter two if you wish. 

The nacho cheese is replaced by guacamole in this burrito, adding that green Hulk-ish color that you know and love. While you might not always be in the mood for such a loaded item, this is pure goodness that will leave you sated. As one reviewer on Dailymotion says, "Wow, it's so good." We'd have to agree. Not only is this secret menu item super flavorful and tasty, per #HackTheMenu, the guacamole also adds lots of fiber and healthy fats. This rich, nutritious burrito is one tasty treat. 

The Superman

Another fan favorite secret menu item that keeps with the superhero theme is The Superman Burrito. This is another unbelievably tasty burrito that combines ingredients such as cheese, beef, and potatoes to create a bite that is both super and out of this world.

The Superman Burrito is a giant feat of Tex Mex cuisine that is much more indulgent than the other Taco Bell superhero burritos, namely The Hulk and The Incredible Hulk. And, like its namesake, it's heroically mighty, in terms of both taste and size. It's one of the largest items you can order at Taco Bell (via Secret Menu Source). In staying true to its name, this burrito will leave you with enough energy to save the world, that is, if you're not slumped over in a food coma afterward.

To order this item tell the Taco Bell staffer that you'd like a cheesy double beef burrito, only you want to also add an extra helping of potatoes along with crispy tortilla strips, sour cream, and guac (per Secret Menu).

The Enchirito

Not every Taco Bell secret menu item is actually an item that you need to hack your way into ordering. Some, like the Enchirito, are just old menu items that you can still get at Taco Bell. The Enchirito is an enchilada combined with a burrito. The Enchirito has been around for decades. It was regularly served at Taco Bell outlets across the U.S. by 1970 and was advertised as being "a meal in itself" (via HuffPost). 

While the Enchirito was officially discontinued in 1993, they did revive it in 1999, much to the happiness of longtime Taco Bell fans. Sadly, it was discontinued again in 2013. Luckily, you can still get your hands on this classic legend. According to #HackTheMenu, to get this tasty menu item, all you have to do is ask for it. There's not a hack, per se, but you will still feel pretty cool ordering this classic burrito that isn't on the actual menu.

Double Grilled Quesadilla

What's not to love about grilled quesadillas? If grilled quesadillas are yum, then double grilled quesadillas take deliciousness to a whole new level. The Double Grilled Quesadilla is a Taco Bell secret menu item that has been double grilled for extra crispiness. This mouthwatering technique is bound to have your senses tingling through gooey, cheesy insides wrapped in tortilla flour crunch. 

The best part of this menu hack is that you can have any of the quesadillas on the regular menu double grilled by asking your order to be grilled twice. Taco Bell offers various different quesadilla fillings such as ground beef, chicken, slow-cooked pork, steak strips, black beans, and the two-cheese blend. You can also ask for the burritos to be double grilled. Honestly, knowing this, don't be surprised if you start asking Taco Bell to double grill most of your food. After all, double grilling is the absolute dream.  

The Chili Cheese Burrito

If you are a long-time Taco Bell fan, you'll remember the Chilito, or, the chili cheese burrito that was popular in the '90s (via MLive). It's a mouthwatering twist on a burrito that includes delicious chili. If you love chili, this is the perfect menu hack for you. This one isn't technically a hack, rather, it's a previously discontinued item that you can still get at select locations. 

While it's not technically on the menu, there are some Taco Bell locations across the country that will cater to your whim. This messy yet luscious item has such a cult following that there's even a chili cheese burrito locator to help you find your burrito fix. 

According to #HackTheMenu you can — as you would with the double grilled quesadilla — apply this hack to multiple menu items. If the Taco Bell location you're at doesn't sell the chili cheese burrito, just ask them to add chili to your burrito. Going by that logic, you could potentially add chili to your tacos and quesadillas as well. 

The Cheesarito

The Cheesearito is another bygone Taco Bell menu item that fans love so much they continue to order it despite the fact that it's no longer on the menu. Props must be given to Taco Bell for this one — the establishment proves its fast food superiority by obliging and appeasing its customers by any means necessary, even if that means serving them discontinued items.

The Cheesarito is a simple item — it's a flour tortilla with cheese, scallions, and taco sauce within. It is certainly no Incredible Hulk or Superman, but it's a tasty little treat that will satisfy your Taco Bell cravings. According to Taco Bell fandom, the Cheesarito was once made with Mexican Pizza Sauce, which the chain no longer sells. So you might not be able to order a version that tastes exactly like the original, but you can still enjoy something similar, particularly if you like taco sauce.

The Tie Dye Freeze

If you need a break from all the carbs, cheese, beef, and guacamole on the secret menu, look no further than the Taco Bell Tie Dye Freeze.

In 2020, Taco Bell introduced the Pineapple Whip Freeze to its frozen drink menu. (via Foodbeast). This menu hack entailed combining the new flavor along with the popular Baja Blast and Wild Strawberry into a frozen medley of fruity flavors and bright colors. We love this menu item for a few reasons. One, it's delicious. Two, it's beautiful to look at. It's like a beautifully decorated cake: almost too pretty to eat (almost being the key word here).

To order, patrons simply had to ask for the Tie Dye Freeze at their location of choice. Taco Bell happily served up this customized drink, encouraging customers to experiment with mixing flavors and requesting add-ins. Unfortunately, this secret menu item became unavailable when the Pineapple Whip Freeze was discontinued. Alas, it's now just another in a long line of discontinued beloved Taco Bell items (RIP Lava Sauce).

Doritos Shell Anything

Okay, back to praising Taco Bell because we have to give credit where credit is due. And we can't talk about Taco Bell credit without mentioning the Doritos Shell Anything menu hack. Taco Bell's famed creation, the Doritos Locos Tacos, is a taco that is made with a Doritos shell. Taco Bell's inspired Doritos-based offering tells us that Taco Bell can do just about anything with a Dorito shell. Enter: the Doritos Shell Anything hack. Why limit that shell to just a couple of menu items when you can apply it to basically anything? As #HackTheMenu tells us, this menu trick knows no limits. 

The key to this hack is politely asking the Taco Bell employees to integrate the Doritos shell into your meal in whatever form you prefer. You could ask the taco shell of your regular taco to be replaced with a Doritos shell. You could even ask them to crush up the Doritos shell and serve it in place of tortilla strips.

Fresco Anything

As many customers are aware, most Taco Bell items can be ordered fresco style. Ordering an item fresco style replaces all dairy-based sauces such as sour cream and cheese with diced tomatoes. This is a great menu hack – once again, Taco Bell proves its dedication to customer care by giving them a wide variety of options with which to customize their meals.

Fresco style is a great option if you're looking for a lighter meal. It's also a wonderful way to tweak menu options to suit your needs, particularly if you're a vegan or have dietary restrictions to work with. While all items can be ordered fresco style, some are bound to taste better than others. VegNews recommends ordering items such as the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme, Black Bean Chalupa, Loaded Nacho Taco, Power Menu Bowl, and Bean Burrito, as well as the Soft, Crunchy, or Soft Taco Supreme.

Verde Sauce

One of the wonderful things about fast food restaurants is that they all tend to serve some similar items. Yet, the flavor and character of these items often vary between various establishments. Taco Bell's Verde Sauce is a delicious rendition of a Tex-Mex classic. According to PepperScale, the sauce has a tomatillo and green chili puree base with traces of lime.

As per Greatist, the sauce was discontinued in 2016, despite being fairly popular among Taco Bell fans. In fact, there was even a petition to bring this sauce back on the menu at Taco Bell. Verde Sauce can still be purchased through stores such as Walmart. 

In order to obtain this sweet and spicy sauce at a Taco Bell restaurant, you have to ask for it, and having to ask for something makes it feel more special, and therefore makes it tastier (don't ask us to explain the underlying logic). Simply ask, and you shall receive. 

The Meximelt

If you had the Taco Bell Meximelt back when it was an actual menu item, you might still be dreaming about this part soft taco, part quesadilla. As per Guilty Eats, the chain removed the Meximelt from its menu in 2019, much to the dismay of its fans. Luckily, you can still have this delicious quesadilla.

According to a Quora thread, the ingredients used to concoct this extinct quesadilla are still available at Taco Bell. So, as one Quora user instructs, simply "order a cheesy rollup and add beef and pico de gallo" to obtain your beloved Meximelt. As an added bonus, you will end up paying less than you would have when the Meximelt was a bona fide menu item.

If you're willing to roll up your sleeves and do the necessary ordering work, you can get your hands on the Meximelt as well as other secret menu items. You can thank us later.