TikTok Is Grateful For This Aluminum Foil-Saving Hack

Most folks would agree that aluminum foil is a highly useful tool that can make storing food items a lot easier. It's not a myth that aluminum foil is generally safe to use on both sides (shiny and dull) and the only exception to the rule is nonstick foil, in which consumers are advised to store food on the dull side.

Of course, there are a few irritations attached to using aluminum foil. For instance, one Redditor said that they hate it when they accidentally end up with aluminum foil in their mouth, writing, "Though I've never chewed it intentionally, I have had pieces of it stick to food that has been cooking in the oven which ends up in my mouth. I find it rather unpleasant." 

Sometimes, the packaging can be a challenge if you get a brand with a tough-to-open box, and sometimes the foil doesn't tear evenly leaving you stuck trying to unravel it. TikTok users know that this struggle is real and are praising a fellow TikToker who has shared a useful aluminum foil hack for anyone who finds it difficult to use the product.

A simple trick to unravel stuck foil

TikTok user Armen Adamjan posted a helpful video for those viewers who struggle with stuck aluminum foil. He advises to take a tiny piece of the foil and "roll it into a ball" before rubbing it "back and forth in a line" to ensure that the foil is even. This foil hack is meant to make life a lot easier for those having aluminum roll issues, and hopefully decreases the desperate measures that might be taken. The original poster joked, "I showed my mom this and she told me she loves me" with a laughing emoji.

Other TikTok users are grateful for this tip, and several commentators mentioned that they've often found it painful to deal with this recurring problem in the past. And really, who hasn't? 

The same video was posted to Instagram and garnered some humorous comments including, "This looks like a nice alternative to my go to of cussing at the tin foil roll. Thanks" and "Great tip! now I just need one for when that happens to plastic wrap." Yes, we can agree, that can be a doozy to unravel, so here's a TikTok plastic wrap hack that can change your life