This Viral TikTok Plastic Wrap Hack Changes Everything

When you're getting geared up for a busy week, the last thing you need is to be stressing over using cling wrap that simply won't stop sticking to itself, right? Turns out, it is totally possible to avoid losing your mind during food prep and not be forced to constantly fight your roll of plastic wrap while you try to get it to go around the food or cover the container you're trying to store.

According to a TikTok video posted by @officialtiktoknurse that has gone viral, there is a super easy hack that can save you the hassle of stressing over plastic wrap or being forced to throw it out the next time you're covering food. Hint: all you need to do is look at your freezer for a little help ahead of time–for real. Here's what you need to do to save yourself time and stress in the future.

This trick makes using plastic wrap so much easier

As per the TikTok video, simply popping your box of cling wrap in the freezer overnight before using it (or just storing it there instead of in a drawer) changes everything, making the plastic wrap far easier to unwrap and smooth out if it gets stuck together. Viewers were impressed by the simple hack. TikToker @JennB wrote, "I have never been able to use Saran Wrap. Never! I will try this one last time before I throw my box that's 10-years-old away." 

Others wondered whether the wrap would still stick to things the way it is supposed to. The poster of the video explained that it still works because the plastic wrap gets warm real quick once you take it out of the freezer, and it's basically just easier and more manageable to use than the room temperature wrap. Who would've guessed? It turns out, a lot of people, as this is a well-documented hack that has (unbeknownst to us) been on the internet for ages. According to Rachael Ray Mag, the reason this hack works is because the cold helps get rid of static, which in turn makes it a lot easier for you to get your hands on the sheet and use. Cool, right?