Instagram Is Excited For The Return Of Trader Joe's Spring Candles

Casual Trader Joe's shoppers may only think to return to the grocery store when they're in need of a fridge or pantry re-stock. This certainly isn't a bad strategy, as the California-based retailer is home to some tasty, one-of-a-kind treats, like the new Black Tea and Boba Coconut Dessert that has Reddit buzzing. However, as Real Simple states, those that venture to their local TJ's strictly for sustenance are "missing out on a world of beauty, home, and cleaning goods" — some of which have built up just as much of a cult following as the food and drinks sold at the chain.

A non-edible product that has captured the hearts of many Trader Joe's shoppers is its line of candles, which were touted by one Food52 staffer as a "super cheap way to treat yourself." The tin can-encased soy wax candles are offered in several different fragrances throughout the year, and as the fan Instagram account @mrs_traderjoes recently pointed out, the beloved spring-scented candles are up next to hit shelves. The Instagrammer reminded their followers of Trader Joe's upcoming drop in a post shared to their page on Monday, March 7 that has since generated plenty of excitement amongst fans.

These are the spring candles that Trader Joe's shoppers are most excited for

With the official start of spring just a few short weeks away, Trader Joe's shoppers are gearing up for the return of the store's spring-scented soy wax candles. Instagram user @mrs_traderjoes took to their account this week with a reminder of the launch and to issue a PSA, alerting shoppers to avoid picking up the candle jars by the lid. "I had to learn this the hard way ..." they captioned a video as they demonstrated how picking up the houseware by the top can lead to the bottom part falling to the ground.

Some expressed appreciation for the "Pro Tip" in the comments section, like user @traderjoes5itemsorless, who said that they would have probably done the exact same thing had they not seen the video. Many others shared their favorite seasonal scents, which include Honeycrisp Apple, Grapefruit, and Peach Black Tea, while others asked for further confirmation that the spring candles were, in fact, back in stock.

"They should be back soon!!" @mrs_traderjoes said in response, though over on Reddit, someone revealed that they spotted the Grapefruit scented candle just this week. As such, it may be best to give your local Trader Joe's a call before heading out on a candle run and act fast before they sell out!