Reddit Wants Trader Joe's New Frozen Black Tea And Boba Coconut Dessert

Over the past few years, boba has taken the world by storm. According to Thrillist, these boba pearls consist of balls of tapioca starch, while boba also refers to a tea-and-milk drink filled with the starchy pearls. The drink originated in Taiwan when an inventive purveyor of food decided to mix milk tea with tapioca balls, which originally found their way into shaved ice desserts. Boba tea eventually came to America and found popularity among students.

The treat eventually found its way into a variety of desserts, including a brown sugar ice cream bar loaded with boba pearls, per Spoon University. The tapioca balls now come in a new black tea and coconut dessert at Trader Joe's and social media can't get enough of the find. A Redditor posted the treat on r/traderjoes with the caption, "NEW Black Tea and Boba Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert $4.49," and users couldn't hold back their excitement.

A ton of love for the new boba dessert

Redditors took note of the Trader Joe's find and chimed in with their thoughts. Replies ranged from, "Awesome, my family and I loved the cold brew coffee boba flavor. Coconut milk is actually amazing in ice cream," all the way to, "I'm going tomorrow to TJ so I hope they have this!" Some users had already tasted the product, and responded with, "I was lurking in the ice cream aisle and one of the crew members opened a new box and handed one to me. I just tried it at home and it's DELICIOUSSSS! 10/10 will recommend! It has a strong tea flavor and the boba is nice and chewy, very similar to a fresh boba tea. It's not as sweet as brown sugar boba bars."

Others can't wait to try the find, saying, "I'm a sucker for strong black tea boba, so sold," and, "I can't wait to try this!" while another chimed in with, "Oh man, fingers crossed you mean my store because I'll be making a trip there soon!" One Redditor even hoped, "Ohh I'm excited to try this. Especially after finding out that the non-dairy thai tea mochi were discontinued, I wonder if this tastes similar." One user had a final thought that could redefine boba desserts forever — "I'm going to buy it and let it completely melt. Then I'm going to try to smash a boba straw through the lid and sip the entire thing."