American Shoppers Are Fascinated By This Glasgow Costco

It's funny, the things different countries have in common. At first glance, America and Japan may seem totally different culture-wise, but both places share a love of baseball, reports Smithsonian Magazine. Germany and Ireland get along rather nicely, as Germany has apparently had a strong appreciation for Irish culture dating all the way back to the 19th century, per the Embassy of Ireland in Germany. It seems that no matter where you go, you always find a bit of familiarity, even in the most faraway places.

Of course, one obvious interest that crosses cultural barriers is a love of big savings and even bigger purchases. In the United Kingdom, 29 Costco stores serve the public (via Statista) — a minor amount compared to the 572 warehouses in the United States. But in Glasgow, Scotland, one particular Costco store seems to have captured the minds of American shoppers. Just what could they be selling that's so captivating?

The Glasgow Costco sells tons of liquor and meat

On the Reddit forum r/Costco, u/userunknowne posted pictures of the interior of a Glasgow-based Costco warehouse. In five pictures, the user snapped scenes of pallets of whiskey, aisles of wine, refrigerators packed with of cuts of beef, and stacks of "rubbish beer." Commenters were eager to share their opinions on this Scottish house of bulk and bargains. "Glasgow is 80% booze. Got it," said one user. "With an awful beer selection like that, I now see why they drink so much whiskey," said another commenter, apparently agreeing with the original poster's description of "rubbish beer."

Other users joked that no matter where you go, Costco will always look roughly the same as it does back home. "I love that no matter where you go Costco looks like Costco, just shinier, more unfamiliar items," said u/Choice-Second-5587. As another person pointed out, "A Big Mac is the same everywhere." While this Glasgow Costco seemed especially stocked with booze, there's no shortage of Costco liquor for thirsty patrons in the U.S. The chain sells everything from affordable wines to top-shelf spirits. Maybe America and Scotland have something else to bond over in addition to Costco: a love for fine drink.