The Truth About Christine Fiorentino From The Julia Child Challenge

Fans of Julia Child have something to look forward to this television season. Food Network has announced it will be airing a new competition show based on some of the iconic chef's culinary lessons. Eight home cooks will compete on "The Julia Child Challenge," and they are all huge fans of Julia Child. As it turns out, one of those fans may be as comfortable giving lessons as trying to follow them.

Christine Fiorentino explained to New Jersey 101.5 she was actually a teacher before deciding to switch professions and focus on food media. Today, the New Jersey native lists her various culinary-centered roles on her blog. Those roles include recipe developer, food stylist, and "rebel baker." Fiorentino posts some of her recipes along with mouth-watering-inducing food pics over on her Instagram account, @ThreeBirdsOneStove. Not surprisingly, this isn't the first time Fiorentino's cooking has caught the eye of a television network.

Christine Fiorentino appeared on The Good Dish

Any home cook worth their salt knows their way around a slow cooker, and back in February, Christine Fiorentino had a chance to show off her own slow cooker skills when "The Good Dish" invited her to be on their "Slow Cooker Spectacular" episode. For her contribution, Fiorentino made scalloped potatoes. She also shared the recipe on her blog where she explained the key is "finishing it under the broiler for a crispy, bubbly, gooey topping." Sounds like potato perfection!

Though Fiorentino may be able to nail scalloped potatoes, only time will tell how the mother of one will fare on "The Julia Child Challenge." We do know, however, that she's more than familiar with Child's body of work. Fiorentino shared a photo on Instagram of her and her daughter, who is holding a copy of Child's book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." Fiorentino explained in the caption that her Child-viewing days go back to a time she watched the beloved chef on a "little fuzzy TV" and learned how to cook with her mom. For Fiorentino's sake, let's hope she has a good memory! 

To find out how Fiorentino does on the show, viewers can tune into Food Network on March 14 or catch it streaming on discovery+.