How Much Do Mrs. Fields Employees Typically Make?

Yes, Mrs. Fields was, in fact, a real person. According to MyRecipes, Mrs. Debra Sivyer Fields had a passion for baking her entire life. She would whip up baked goods for her large family and began to invest in quality baking ingredients to ensure her cookies met the highest standard at age 13. But it was only after she got married that Mrs. Fields realized she could pursue baking as a career. After establishing a small bakery in 1977 — and lots of hard work — Mrs. Fields became a franchised business and now has over 300 locations both nationally and internationally. The bakery's slogan is, "Good Enough Never Is," which the company still holds to this day. Mrs. Fields even makes a variety of other baked goods, including brownies and dream bars, according to GrubHub.

The business was primarily featured in malls, hence, a lot of its workers were teenagers. According to MEL Magazine, a lot of people grew up with an emotional attachment to the chain, and it wasn't even the quality of the cookie that drew them in. Rather, it was the hook of the sweet, chocolatey scent that wafted through the floors of shopping malls across the nation that lured in the customers.

What types of retail roles does Mrs. Fields have to offer?

The friendly faces that you see at Mrs. Fields kiosks in the mall are usually in one of these four positions: Food Service Associate, Sales Associate, Cake Decorator, or Product Specialist. According to Indeed, these roles get paid by the hour and vary in pay range from as low as $9.98 per hour to $15.51 per hour. A team member can make as low as $9.82 per hour, and typically, you only need to be 16 years old to work such a role (via

The website details that, in this role, a person can expect lots of customer service and food preparation behind the scenes, while also keeping the work station clean. As most locations are in shopping malls, staff can expect to work closely with their fellow team members to keep the supply chain running smoothly.

The website also makes note of some annual positions, which include the Warehouse Associate and roles in management. These professionals can expect annual salaries ranging from $24,000 to $40,000. Lower-tier warehouse associate positions also exist as part-time positions, with shift supervisors making between $10 to $13 per hour. The webpage details these positions as "labor intensive."

Where does Mrs. Fields get its money?

As of February 2022, Mrs. Fields' revenue was reported to be somewhere in the $10 to $100 million range, according to Inc Fact.

Mrs. Fields secured a major acquisition when it bought Great American Cookies in 1998, according to CNN Money. Prior to the merge, the company made $110 million in revenue, which put Mrs. Fields largely ahead in terms of its own revenue. Mrs. Fields is under Famous Brands, in addition to TCBY, a leading frozen yogurt brand. Famous Brands helps distribute and market Mrs. Fields products, and licenses all its trademarks and logos.

However, Mrs. Fields doesn't only make sales through purchases in its retail stores — it also manufactures its own store-bought cookie dough, which is quite popular. You can also buy one of the chain's famous 4-lb cookie cakes at Target for just under $40. Basically the enlarged version of the chain's famous chocolate chip cookies, the cookies are 12" around and you can have your own note inscribed with frosting in the center. As stated before, you can choose to order this delicacy from the closest bakery to you, or even at Target, though it is a few dollars cheaper at the latter.

However, the famous Mrs. Fields recipe has not yet been sold, which Mrs. Fields herself calls "a trade secret."

Rewards of working at Mrs. Fields

Perhaps the reason why Mrs. Fields has become synonymous with malls is because its first location was in one. Aventura Mall in California boasts having the first Mrs. Fields retail location. After a long day of hitting the stores, shoppers are naturally going to want a sugary cookie. If you like being around crowds and helping people, working at Mrs. Fields as a team member is surely a rewarding job.

In addition, according to Jobler, the benefits of working at Mrs. Fields include medical, dental, and vision coverage and pay during holiday and sick days. Of course, free cookies are naturally another perk, according to a job listing on, for a location in Oak Brook, Illinois. The job listing calls for someone who is smiley and friendly to greet and assist customers. One person in the comments section of the page stated that they stuck with the company for 13 years and were able to rise through the ranks to become a multi-store operator.

Tracy Beach Napolitano wrote, "My favorite part of this company is that they truly believe in the ideas of their employees and will stand behind them. Whether it's a sales idea, in-store coupon or even a local marketing plan. And the motto has stayed with me. 'Good enough never is.'"