The Viral Chipotle Delivery Address Mix-Up With An Unexpectedly Touching Ending

Imagine a long day of work when the only thing that's keeping you going is the thought of the warm carnitas burrito from Chipotle waiting for you at the end of it, dripping with the juices of soft pork meat. Or perhaps a crunchy taco with tender barbacoa meat with a side of perfectly creamy queso blanco. Imagine finally getting round to ordering a big Chipotle meal for dinner and counting down the minutes till it the doorbell rings, except, you've put in the wrong address!

It may seem silly at first but this sort of situation happens more often than you'd think. Per one Redditor, they mistakenly placed a food order at one store, went into another one to collect it, and had to pay twice for one meal. Another discussion indicates that people put in wrong addresses so often — and behave so ungratefully for their mistake — that some workers just blame it on the customer's unavailability in the delivery apps and drive off with the undelivered orders.

One Chipotle delivery mix-up, however, is more heartwarming than usual (via Upworthy). A sweet exchange between the delivery person and the customer has left internet users with tears in their eyes.

The delivery mix-up led to a meaningful lunch

According to Upworthy, Shahid Davis was ordering on the Chipotle app from his home in Maryland, not realizing that the delivery address was still the hotel in Iowa where he was previously staying. Later realizing the goof-up, Davis was told that there was nothing that could be done since the order was already out for delivery in Iowa. So, David did the next best thing when the delivery person told him that they had reached the given address. "Take it with you bro and enjoy the lunch. I forgot to change my address and I [am] currently in Maryland," he told them.

While the delivery person initially thanked Davis and left it at that, they later sent a heartwarming message to him, "I wanted to thank you again it's my brother's birthday today and he is laid to rest not far from where you had me take this delivery. I'm having lunch with him today because of you. You have no idea how much that means to me. I truly appreciate it."

In a Facebook post, Davis confessed that he was "deada** mad at first" but that after reading that message he was glad about what had happened, later telling Upworthy that, "[I] felt like I made an impact in his life even though I don't know the person's name or anything about them. But it doesn't matter at the end because I did something to help brighten his day up!"