Why You Should Position Your Air Fryer Under The Stove Hood

Air fryers have taken the world of small appliances by storm over the last decade. These tiny convection oven-like contraptions are primarily used to create fried foods without the use of fat-heavy oils, but users have found many other uses for them, such as cooking meatloaf or making French toast.

The Chicago Tribune reports that, back in 2010, the air fryer made its first appearance in Berlin, Germany. Created by Philips, it was an almost-instant success, and within five years, it had become a household product in places like Europe, Canada, and the United States. Recent circumstances have fueled air fryer sales; the COVID-19 pandemic helped increase the air fryer's popularity. According to The New York Times, once people started working from home and indoor dining took a dip, the air fryer became even more of a household staple for its ability to quickly prepare foods with relatively little prep and cleanup time.

Since air fryers are such a popular household item, it helps to know how to use them in a way that creates the best possible experience. Here's why you might want to place your air fryer under your stove hood while using it.

Air fryers can release smoke and steam

Using an air fryer is arguably even easier than using an oven. This is because these small appliances usually don't need to be preheated, and many of them have baskets and trays that are dishwasher safe, which makes for easy cleanup. But if you are planning to use an air fryer, you might want to place it under your stove's hood before powering it up.

According to Insider, placement is key in terms of keeping your kitchen air as clean as possible. Since air fryers can release smoke or steam while in use, it's best to place them under the hood to allow the hot air to be removed quickly from your kitchen. The tip comes from Chef Deanna Kang, who adds that you should "turn on the fan" when using your air fryer, too.

Air fryers might ultimately omit less smoke than a traditional deep fryer, but it's still important to keep the kitchen air as clean as possible by taking this one easy step.