Reddit Labels Costco Meat 'Wagyu Chicken' In Hilarious Inflation Post

As if we haven't dealt with enough crises over the past few years, inflation is continuing to be a problem well into 2022. Even though inflation sounds like something only big companies or financial advisors have to deal with, it's affecting our everyday lives at the gas pump, grocery store, and more. According to TIME, inflation remained at a 40-year high in January 2022 with gas prices up 38% and food prices up 8% overall. Some foods have been hit harder than others, with the category of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs increasing by 13%, per Forbes

Forbes explains that inflation became an issue in the spring of 2021 when a "mixture of rebounding demand, supply chain issues and labor shortages started pushing prices up," and they haven't stopped rising since. They added that in January, reports predicted inflation to go down by the end of the year, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine has made things more uncertain.

In these uncertain times, jokes are a great way to distract ourselves from harsh realities. Even though this Reddit thread is about inflation, the hilarious comments remind us that no matter how bad things get, you can still expect people to make jokes on Reddit.

'In my experience, inflation always goes straight to the thighs'

A photo of a pack of chicken thighs from Costco on a Reddit thread entitled "Inflation is starting to be noticeable" caused quite the discussion recently. When you zoom in on the price tag of the chicken, the six-pound pack of chicken thighs clocks in at a whopping $593.94.

"Must be that new Waigu chicken," commented one Reddit user. "It's the new high quality stuff intended for chicken sashimi," replied @cliff99. 

After this speculation, @sunder_ (who we assume is a current or former Costco employee) chimes in and says "For any who don't know, this is what happens with discontinued PLUs (At Costco). They change the price to 99.99 to signify not to use it."

PLU stands for product look-up code and if you look closely at the pack of chicken behind this overpriced one, it has a different PLU, so whoever made the label for this chicken seems to have forgotten to update the code.

With inflation on 9 out of 10 Americans' list of things to worry about (via The New York Times), we wonder if the employee who made this just thought that inflation had skyrocketed to the point that chicken is more expensive than a brand new computer.