Joshua Weissman Reveals What It Was Like To Cook With Brie Larson - Exclusive

Brie Larson, AKA Captain Marvel, got into cooking during the pandemic. "I wanted to become more interested in my actual world," she explained to her YouTube followers. Actually, first, the A-lister started to garden, and "with that," she says, "I got way more into cooking ... getting into how things are made, how it works, and finding my passions within that, its' such a special thing, it's such a special way to end the day to nourish myself [and] to nourish my partner." 

Before she knew it, she ended up making food with Joshua Weissman, armed with a giant, homegrown zucchini. "I think a friend of a friend knew her and knew she wanted to get into food," Weissman revealed to Mashed in an exclusive interview. "Somehow, we got connected ... We had a pre-call where I was like, 'Well, here's my idea.' She said she wanted to do a [Taco Bell] Crunchwrap, but vegetarian. I was like, 'Let's do it. That's a great idea' We literally just did it." 

Spoilers forthcoming: This is how it all went down.

Why Joshua Weissman is a 'big fan' of Brie Larsson

Brie Larson's tortilla may have come out heart-shaped, and her Crunchwrap Supreme might have turned out more unwrapped than bundled up, but it tasted — per Captain Marvel — "bomb" (via YouTube). "I was very proud of her ... she was great. Brie Larson is amazing, super sweet. She still keeps in touch with me. We still chat from time to time, which is great to see," Weissman exclusively recounted to Mashed. "Sometimes, when you wrap a shoot with somebody that's higher up, sometimes they never hit you back up again. They wanted to do a little thing and never speak again, which is cool. I get that, but Brie Larson's been great. I'm a big fan of hers." 

While Weissman's Vegetarian Crunchwrap Supreme unquestionably beat out Larson's, she — Weissman revealed — is a much more accomplished gardener. "I noticed she was very, very proud of her zucchini, which is, I would be proud of it too if I had a zucchini that big. I wish I did," Weissman reflected. "I've been trying to grow my own vegetables and nine times out of ten, they die. I can cook. I can't grow food, though."

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