The Pioneer Woman's Cake Memories Are So Relatable

Ree Drummond, or the Pioneer Woman, takes to Instagram again with four recipes that are "near and dear" to her heart.

Her post features a chocolate cake, stuffed peppers, a casserole of sorts, and some hearty meat stew, which were all featured in a recent episode of her Food Network show.

Though Drummond has concocted a variety of different cake recipes in the past, she acknowledges the emotional comfort provided by this particular cake, which was made in a sheet tray and was cut up into perfectly rectangular pieces.

Drummond has a soft spot for chocolate cake in particular, which she typically uses store-bought cake mix to make. She then adds her own personal touch by rationing a tablespoon of vanilla extract into the batter. But what also makes a chocolate cake particularly "her" is also a vanilla frosting. In her post, she calls chocolate cake with vanilla frosting a "lifelong favorite cake/frosting combination."

Cake always helps

Drummond then asks her followers in the comments for their favorite cake/frosting combination, though she clearly believes that the chocolate base with vanilla top is superior.

Though many different pairings were listed off in the comments, many users agreed with the chocolate base and vanilla frosting duo. One user, @laura_ann_barrera, wrote, "Yes. Chocolate cake, white icing for the win!"

However, what was even more relatable was the next line in Drummond's caption. The Pioneer Woman stated that there were many times she would eat this cake while watching "Gilligan's Island" and how the cake served as emotional support. The celebrity chef specifically wrote, "So many memories of eating this cake while watching Gilligan's Island or, in later adolescent years, crying over Kevin. (The cake did help.)"

One commenter, @castleberryjan, wrote, "I love that you mentioned [you] watched Gilligan's Island. Brings back memories of a carefree time in my adolescent years."

Now that's a statement that all sitcom viewers can find relatable! But even those who are anti-television can agree that cake makes everything better.