Kristen Stewart's Favorite Foods Are Totally Relatable

There's a lot about Kristen Stewart's life that isn't relatable to most people. She was the star of "Twilight," she played Princess Diana in the film "Spencer" and was even nominated for an Academy Award for her performance. But just because someone is an actor doesn't necessarily mean that they have extravagant tastes when it comes to food, and a lot of what Stewart loves to eat is totally relatable.

For instance, Stewart revealed in a 2011 Vogue interview that she loves watching Food Network and that cooking is one of her hobbies. Apparently, Mexican food is one of her favorite cuisines (via Fitness Clone), and she even made tortilla soup, with a side of pulled pork sandwiches, for the Vogue interviewer. Stewart has also gone on the record saying that she loves the Baja-style fish and shrimp tacos at Ricky's Fish Taco Truck in Los Angeles (via LA Times). The actor isn't alone in her love for Mexican food — in 2014, it was the third-most-popular type of restaurant in the country, and in a 2018 survey, 86 percent of U.S. respondents reported liking Mexican cuisine. But that's not the only one of Stewart's favorite foods that fans might relate to.

Stewart likes making and eating pie

Another of Stewart's favorite foods is as American as apple pie. In fact, it is apple pie, though she also likes loquat pie. Apparently, the star has fruit trees in her yard, and because loquat trees are family common in Los Angeles, where Stewart lives, she's even copped to picking them from trees in her neighborhood when she's out and about (via LA Times).

Stewart has also been seen out and about enjoying modern spins on classic comfort food in restaurants. She was spotted at Chef Chris Santos' restaurant Beauty & Essex in New York City, where she ordered grilled cheese, smoked bacon, and tomato soup dumplings, a riff on the much-beloved classic pairing of grilled cheese and tomato soup (via People). Stewart even told Jimmy Kimmel that she had learned to make pasta from scratch during quarantine, and while making fresh pasta might not be relatable to everyone, enjoying a big bowl of pasta for dinner is certainly something a lot of people can say they've done. Stewart might be a superstar, but her favorite foods really are relatable.