What Kristen Stewart Really Ate In The Controversial Spencer Pearl Scene

In the newly released biopic "Spencer," covering a pivotal moment in the relationship between the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles, viewers couldn't help but focus in on one of the strongest scenes in the film that has elicited strong reactions. In a dinner scene, Kristen Stewart, who plays the role of Diana (née Spencer), is seen eating what appears to be a giant pearl necklace that she received from Prince Charles as a gift. This surrealist incident occurs during a tense moment as the family meets for supper, when Diana takes off the necklace angrily. Pearls from the jewelry end up everywhere, and some of them even spill into her soup. Undeterred, she promptly eats her meal.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the film crew came up with a safe alternative for the actress to consume while filming. Also, Stewart clarified that the scene was not something that depicted reality, and that Princess Diana didn't actually eat pearls at any point. It was meant to be a symbolic act that demonstrated how Diana was feeling in that moment.

The pearls were made of chocolate

As discussed in Entertainment Weekly, Kristen Stewart revealed that she actually ate customized oversized candies in the tense dinner scene in "Spencer" that were made to basically resemble pearls. She said, "It was chocolate, so I was actually very conscious of not showing that and keeping my mouth closed." Also as noted by Stewart, the scene had an unexpected twist that she was directly involved in making happen. 

The actress noted that when they the team was looking at a cut of the scene, she noticed that the crunching sounds had been completely removed. She asked the team to consider reintroducing the sounds to the pearl-eating scene to make it a lot more realistic. Stewart said, "[The sound mixers] were like, 'Oh, but you can hear it, it sounds like M&M's!' And I was like, 'Yeah but imagine if it was really audible, that crack.' And so they put it back in." And thus the scene that everyone was talking about was born.