Geoffrey Zakarian Just Dropped The Recipe For His Favorite Dessert

Food Network is no stranger to Geoffrey Zakarian. You may have seen him on the infamous Iron Chef, Chopped, or even Cooks vs. Cons. Now, Geoffrey has made his way onto Instagram, with popular fitness posts and dinner dishes (bolognese and gnocchi to name a few). Recently, Zakarian's secret egg salad ingredient was a hit with fans who couldn't wait to try it for themselves.

The Iron Chef star's 892K Instagram followers receive no shortage of content as he shares his favorite recipes from the comfort of his kitchen. Geoffrey just dropped his favorite dessert, soufflé, and fans are loving it. The French pastry has to be perfectly cooked for the desired result, which is not easy for some. According to Eater, the aesthetic crust that you see in pictures must rise properly first.

At this point, you may be asking yourself: If it's that hard, how does Geoffrey Zakarian do it? Well, his entire recipe was shared on a recent Instagram post and it includes only five ingredients.

Here's how to make Geoffery Zakarian's raspberry Soufflé

According to the "Chopped" judge, you will need a half cup of pastry cream, half cup of reduced raspberry purée, half cup of sugar, eight egg whites, and vanilla extract. First, you should prepare the ramekins with room temperature butter and sugar and then freeze. It is important to wipe your mixing bowl with vinegar before beating in the aforementioned ingredients.

Next, beat room temperature egg whites and gradually add sugar into the bowl until it looks whipped (Geoffery says wait for the 'perfect peak'). While this is mixing, stir the pastry cream and reduced raspberry purée into a separate bowl. As you may have predicted, take the egg white mixture and fold it into the new purée mix. Wipe the top of the ramekin, place it in the oven at 375 degrees for fifteen minutes, and voila! The perfect soufflé.

For extra sweetness, top off with powdered sugar. Instagram is raving about this recipe with comments like, "Thank you Chef, most definitely am trying this," and "Whaaaaat? It's that easy? No way." It may take you a few tries, but Geoffery Zakarian hit the soufflé on the head once again.