The Secret Ingredient In Geoffrey Zakarian's Egg Salad

Easter is almost here, and that means that a lot of people are filling their refrigerators with cartons of eggs to boil, dye, and decorate for their celebrations. But what to do with leftover hard-boiled eggs after the festivities? Once they're decorated, they look pretty, but they do eventually need to be eaten. Insider reports that 180 million eggs are purchased for Easter every year, which likely leaves lots of people on the search for recipes that employ cooked eggs. Fortunately, chef Geoffrey Zakarian has stepped up to the plate with his own.

In a recent post on Instagram, Zakarian shared his egg salad secret ingredient. "The secret to making a great egg salad is yuzu mayonnaise," the Food Network star said, along with "salt, cracked black pepper and a touch of dijon mustard." Zakarian added that eggs are his favorite food, and the chef, known for his work on "Chopped," "The Kitchen," and more, certainly has the skills to turn them into something tasty. Fans in the comments sounded excited to try his recommendation of adding yuzu mayo to egg salad.

Fans want to try yuzu mayonnaise for themselves

"Can't wait to try yuzu mayonnaise," "Must get some yuzu mayo," and "where do you find the yuzu mayo?" were just some of the comments left by fans on Zakarian's post. To answer the question of where to buy yuzu mayonnaise, a different person shared that they've been able to find it at Whole Foods and Roche Bros grocery stores. But you could also try to order it online or make your own.

Yuzu is an East Asian citrus fruit that's sometimes called a Japanese lemon. It's also an ingredient commonly included in ponzu sauce, a dipping sauce served with foods like gyoza. The flavor is sort of like a tart and savory lemon-orange blend. It can be hard to find fresh yuzu fruit in the United States, but you can order bottled yuzu juice online or try a yuzu juice substitute. The next time you make egg salad, add a splash of yuzu juice to your mayo a la Geoffrey Zakarian, and you'll have a leftover hard boiled egg recipe worthy of a Food Network personality.