The Petty Reason Someone Allegedly Set Walmart Paper Towels On Fire

Ah, Walmart. A sprawling monument to big savings and even bigger purchases, this superstore attracts all types of folks from near and far. It's no surprise, as the popular shopping arena has much to offer from toys to food and everything in between. But like any retail establishment, employees of Walmart find themselves interacting with a variety of customers including the pleasant, the quiet, and the awful. 

One woman in Winter Haven, Florida threw a Barbie doll at a worker's face when she was accused of trying to shoplift groceries (via The Miami-Herald). A man with the mistaken identity of former NFL offensive lineman Bruce Campbell was involved in a brutal fight inside a Walmart (via TMZ Sports). And one young woman, in a shocking video, decided to set several palettes of paper towels on fire in the middle of the store — and you may not believe the reason.

TikTokers are not amused by this video

TikTok user "thriftymuse" posted a video of a shocking scene at a local Walmart. A stack of Bounty-brand paper towels is shown engulfed in flames, followed by a worker racing to the scene with a fire extinguisher. Although the fire was quickly put out before any harm could come to employees, customers, or other products, there was apparent damage done. 

The supposed reason for setting the fire was nonetheless absurd. The fire was apparently retaliation for the store being out of almond milk. Commentators were aghast, but not just at the actions of the firebug, but at "thriftymuse" as well. 

"It was actually a little girl who was doing a TIKTOK trend." said one user. Another claimed. "A girl was trying to do a tiktok trend and started the fire when she lit some paper towels on fire." One bold TikToker blatantly asked, "Why did you lie about the reason for the fire?" Thriftymuse's response was that she was merely trying to bring humor to an otherwise stupid and dangerous stunt. The user has since disabled comments to the video.

According to the Daily Dot, there does appear to be a disturbing "trend" in which people set random items in Walmart on fire. Among several examples include one man who set pinatas on fire in a Salisbury, North Carolina, Walmart while in another North Carolina set household products on fire for seemingly no reason (via WRAL).