Reddit Is Celebrating A Birthday Meal Made With Trader Joe's Items

Writer and consumer futurist Blake Morgan described Trader Joe's as "the high-functioning fun friend you love to be with!" in a piece for Forbes. Morgan went on to say that it's not just a place to buy food but "an experience." It seems Trader Joe's doesn't want you to think of shopping there as another chore but as something you enjoy and look forward to. If so, it must be succeeding on some level because according to a 2017 piece by Refinery29, Hillary Duff likes to experience what this grocery store has to offer. She was a massive fan of its egg white salad and Tempting Trail Mix. And in a 2018 video, Kylie Jenner declared TJ's Joe-Joes "the best cookies ever."

But it's not just celebrities that celebrate Trader Joe's. Recently, one Redditor posted a photo of their birthday meal, which came almost entirely from the store shelves at Trader Joe's. The festive pic, which has more than 800 upvotes, is captioned, "turned 22 today, made myself a little charcuterie board. besides the wine, everything is from TJ's." So what was on the table?

Cake, cured meats, and cheese

The Redditor, LoLBattleSeraph, shared that from left to right, the following items were purchased from Trader Joe's to help celebrate birthday 22: "Chantilly cream vanilla bean mini sheet cake, strawberries, smoked cheese, peppered salam[i], strawberry jam, water crackers, prosciutto, goat cheese, mini brioche toasts, sparkling berry lemonade." The community was quick to join the celebration offering compliments about the spread and well wishes for a happy birthday. We have to agree the spread looks pretty amazing.

User millionth_dollar clearly thought the dessert choice was on the money: "I got that cake for my bday too! It'll probably become a tradition. It's just so good. I like the sprinkles you added. Happy Birthday!" Next-Reply7519 replied, "Happy birthday! Can't go wrong with cured meats and cheese and cake!" And another typed, "Those brioche toasts are amazing. Highly recommend pairing them with their bruschetta." However, one commenter suggested there was a major omission: "Wait but wine is the best thing to get from TJs!"

When it comes to birthdays, it is all about the cake, and the Trader Joe's chantilly cream vanilla bean mini sheet cake is a favorite among some TJ's fans. TraderJoeReviews has a baker's dozen of positive comments about this item, including one from an avowed chocolate lover who shared, "I ate half the first night and had to force myself to put the rest away. I split the remainder into 2 servings. Great value for the price!"