'Gluten-Free' Tortillas Marketed On Facebook And Instagram Recalled Due To Wheat

Traces of gluten sneaking into supposedly gluten-free food products can lead to potentially serious allergic reactions that can occur within minutes of eating it or up to several days after exposure (via Verywell Health). According to Gluten Free Watchdog (GFWD), this may be the case of what has led Texas-based Salsa Texan's gluten-free tortillas to be recalled. A mother reached out to the GFWD claiming that her daughter had fallen ill after eating one of Salsa Texan's gluten-free coconut flour tortillas in November of last year. GFWD advised the consumer to send the tortillas out for testing and the results were shocking. The gluten-free tortilla was found to have "65,000 parts per million of gluten," only a little less than the regular wheat flour which has about 100,000 parts per million of gluten.

The Salsa Texan has since announced on its social media platforms that independent testing has indeed revealed the potential presence of gluten in its 'gluten-free' coconut tortillas. "We are investigating our production line so we can figure out where these contaminants entered the process," they wrote, adding that until the mishap was fixed, the tortillas will not be claimed to be gluten-free. Several users admitted that they had indeed felt ill after eating their tortillas which now made sense considering the announcement of possible gluten contamination: "I have celiac, and both times I have tried them I have gotten extremely sick. I thought I must be developing a coconut allergy."

The FDA urges consumers with gluten intolerance to destroy the product

Now, several months later, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that The Salsa Texan is voluntarily recalling all its regular and burrito-sized coconut flour tortillas for potential traces of undeclared wheat. On March 18, the organization issued an announcement saying that the gluten contamination "was caused by a temporary breakdown in the company's production and packaging processes." All coconut flour tortillas sold nationwide via The Salsa Texan's Instagram and Facebook platforms and at several farmer's markets in Texas throughout the months of August and September 2021 are being recalled. 

Consuming gluten can lead to life-threatening reactions for people allergic to wheat and several consumers sensitive to gluten or who have Celiac disease have already reported feeling ill after eating The Salsa Texan's tortillas. As a result, the FDA is urging those in possession of the recalled tortillas to 'destroy' them and reach out to the company for a full refund.

Until the FDA and The Salsa Texan are absolutely positive that the problem leading to the gluten contamination is fixed, all production of the coconut flour tortillas has been suspended.