The Issue Some Trader Joe's Fans Have With Its Pinks & Whites Dark Chocolate Bar

Imagine dark chocolate, shortbread cookies, and colorful sprinkles all sandwiched into one little bar — a supermarket snack worthy of its own grocery run. It turns out, Trader Joe's has exactly the kind of snack that may win over both dark chocolate and shortbread cookie lovers this spring!

In the latest episode of the "Inside Trader Joe's" podcast titled "Spring Has Sprung at Trader Joe's," Vice President of Marketing Tara Miller gave fans and co-host Matt Sloan a peek at the supermarket's spring lineup. Shoppers can expect lots of lemon ice creams, Portuguese custard tarts, sparkling white teas, and even little cheeseburger flavored dog treats for the little furry friends that can't get enough of the chain, either.

Also in the spring lineup is the Pinks and Whites Dark Chocolate Bar. Per the supermarket's website, the treat is made of a 54% smooth dark chocolate bar topped with yogurt-coated Pinks & Whites Shortbread Cookies and sprinkles at a cost of $2.99. Miller says that this spring treat "looks beautiful ... It really is so pretty," while her co-host says that the chocolate bar is "like three life preserver rings floating on a chocolate ocean." But some Trader Joe shoppers are not so convinced about the springtime TJ's treat.

The lengthy ingredient list is putting off some fans

Since the podcast was released, the Pinks & Whites chocolate bar has started making the rounds of both Trader Joe's stores and online discussions about the latest spring dessert. Redditors said, "ugh, take my money," and, "I have so many mixed emotions about this ... but kudos to whomever in the TJ idea factory that mashed these up!" However, fans on Instagram are not quite so pleased with the chocolate bar.

"Too many ingredients and wheat ... passing on this one," wrote one shopper referring to an Instagram post of the lengthy ingredients list of the chocolate bar shared by @traderjoeslist. Many other replies like, "look at all those ingredients ... oof" and, "NO! Look at the ingredients!" all indicate that the biggest problem the commenters have is the ingredient list. Another user noticed palm oil in the product, which has long been at the center of debates for its environmental impact and its lack of healthiness as compared to other cooking oils (via Health).

While some shoppers are unfazed by the sheer number of ingredients in the dark chocolate cookie bar and remain thrilled about the new TJ's spring treat, others seem to be on the fence about this snack, to say the least.