Why Ted Allen Loves Being A Chopped Judge

Work friendships are truly a bond like no other — especially when you're able to get to know your coworkers on a personal level in addition to collaborating as a team throughout the week. Similarly to office employees, those who work in the entertainment industry can attest to this philosophy.

Ted Allen is the beloved host to the all-star "Chopped" judges – including Alex Guarnaschelli, Chris Santos, Geoffrey Zakarian, Marc Murphy, Maneet Chauhan, Scott Conant, Amanda Freitag, Marcus Samuelsson, and Aarón Sánchez — who recently shared what they love most about their "Chopped" jobs in an interview with Food Network. Guarnaschelli mentioned that she loves meeting the contestants, who are up-and-coming chefs wanting to make their craft known. Santos believes that being a judge on the show allows him to learn something new every single episode. Chauhan is continuously impressed by how much the show has inspired its viewers to try new ingredients and techniques. So, what's Allen's favorite thing about being a member of the "Chopped" squad?

Ted Allen loves the camaraderie of the 'Chopped' crew

Ted Allen is known to be a people person. Ever since his "Queer Eye" days when he was the designated food and wine expert, he has had a knack for making connections with people from all walks of life and helping them recognize their full potential when it comes to the culinary arts. Even outside of teaching people how to cook, his friendly demeanor is clear to all. As far as Ted's favorite part about being on "Chopped," his answer makes complete sense.

"I'd say the best thing for me is the relationships that I have with all of our judges and our camera operators in particular and our director and our staff," Ted revealed to Food Network. "We're tight friends. We finish each other's sentences and we joke all day and it's fun. It's just rowdy fun." Ted has also admitted on Twitter that he takes pleasure in the fact that he "[doesn't] have to go to meetings. Ever." What a dream, right?

When you have the opportunity to work with awesome, caring, talented, and kind people every day, jobs can actually be fulfilling and worthwhile.