Geoffrey Zakarian's Simple Tip For Homemade Guacamole

Whether served with a side of tortilla chips, on top of a burger, or just eaten with a fork, many people consider homemade guacamole a tasty treat. It also has an interesting history, which Avocados from Mexico shared tidbits of. During the 14th century, the Aztecs in southern Mexico discovered the deliciousness of smashed avocados served with tortillas. That simple concept traveled the globe, and many famous chefs, including Geoffrey Zakarian, have put their own personal takes on the popular avocado dish.

In a recent Instagram reel, the Food Network chef and cookbook author shared his own guacamole recipe. In it, Zakarian uses a mortar and pestle to combine diced onion, jalapeños, and roughly chopped cilantro. He adds fresh avocado to a separate bowl and then marries the two. Finally, he squirts lime juice and drizzles chardonnay vinegar into the mixture. 

While the recipe might seem easy, the real secret isn't about its flavors. It is all about one particular cooking technique.

Geoffrey Zakarian believes lumps in guacamole are gold

As Geoffrey Zakarian recently showed on Instagram, the key to a great guacamole really boils down to the texture. Specifically, he said, "mix gently with a large fork. Do not MASH to purée...the lumps are gold!" Indeed, the lumps add to the appearance and texture of the guacamole, which can create eating enjoyment. 

When a celebrated chef shares a tip, many food enthusiasts take notice. And not only did many followers notice Zakarian's take, many commenters enthusiastically agree with his tip. They include sbennnett13, who said, "Lumps are very good and guacamole! Your version looks delicious." shon1234567899 concurred, writing "I love mines lumpy." Even if some people debate the inclusion of cilantro, most of Zakarian's fans seem sold on his lumpy avocado suggestion. 

While the Ruben Blades song on this Zakarian reel might be smooth, he believes the guacamole tastes better when it is a little rough around the edges.