26 Times Drake Rapped About Food

One of the appealing aspects of rap music is lyrical content that relates to everyday life. Another is, famously, clever wordplay. Canadian-born rapper Drake — one of if not the most famous contemporary rappers — is beloved for both. And as it turns out, the multi-Grammy Award-winning icon has a big soft spot for food. So naturally, there are dozens of Drake songs with lyrics that showcase just how much of a foodie he is.

Let it also be known that Drake literally puts his money where his mouth is. In 2021, he became an investor in the U.S.-based fast food chain Dave's Hot Chicken. According to Complex, he has also reportedly been in touch with Randy's Patties, a Jamaican food spot in Ontario, about the possibility of providing funding in the wake of their closure announcement. He is also apparently quite fond of Tim Horton's donut collaboration with fellow Canadian Justin Bieber and has posted a plea on social media for them to bring back the limited edition treats (via Complex).

A look at his food-related song lyrics can also give fans a little more insight into what types of food Drake loves.

1. The Resistance

Like many other Drake songs, the third track off of his 2010 record "Thank Me Later" sees the rapper telling the story of his origins and who he used to be. After briefly explaining how his parents met in a flower shop, he says, "I avoided the coke game and went with Sprite instead" (via Genius).

This soda-related play on words speaks to a larger culture of excessive drug use with which many musical artists grapple. In fact, a study published in the National Library of Medicine examined the top 25 charting rap songs between 2006 and 2018 and found that 72% of them contained lyrical references to substance use.

2. The Ride

This song from Drake's 2011 album "Take Care" references one of the finest restaurants in California — and America, for that matter. Clearly indulging in the finer things in life, he says, "And you do dinners at French Laundry in Napa Valley/ Scallops and glasses of Dolce, that s***'s right up your alley" (via Genius).

Nestled in the heart of wine country, The French Laundry is one of Chef Thomas Keller's three-starred Michelin restaurants. More than a century old, the stone cottage has had past lives as a saloon, residential building, and an actual French steam laundry. Chef Keller saw it as the perfect place to establish a fine French restaurant, and in 1994, he did just that.

As for the "glasses of Dolce," Drake could be referring to the Dolcetto d'Alba wine on the restaurant's wine list. However, it's likely he's referring to vintage from the Dolce Winery located just down the street.

3. 6 Man

Another big part of the rap game is boasting. On this track from Drake's 2015 record "If You're Reading This It's Too Late," the artist pats himself on the back with a reference to another famous foodie: Guy Fieri. He says, "Fieri, I'm in the kitchen, I'm a magician."

The "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" host can actually attest to this statement because the two once cooked side-by-side in a kitchen together. They were working on a fundraiser in Toronto when Drake had the opportunity to impress the so-called Mayor of Flavortown with his culinary chops.

In an interview with First We Feast, Fieri says of Drake, "The guy has got skills in the kitchen, he really does. He has an appreciation for great food." The TV personality also added that he loves Drake's music and was both flustered and thrilled to have been given a name-drop by the 6 Man himself.

4. The Presentation

Drake's 2007 mixtape "Comeback Season" shouts out an American (and Canadian) food favorite: Kraft cheese. Serve up some Kraft cheese with crackers or delightfully gooey grilled cheese sandwiches the next time you listen to "The Presentation:" "I'm perfecting my craft using more cess/ Tryna make some cheese off a single is a process/ Get it? Kraft, single, cheese, process/ Sit back and admire the talent that I possess.

Yes, Drake. Thank you for the explanation. What probably needs further explanation, though, is his personal mac and cheese recipe that stirred up quite a bit of online chatter. Apparently for the rapper's birthday dinner in 2020, his menu listed some unusual ingredients for the mac and cheese dish: sun-dried tomatoes, raisins, capers, and parsley. A photo of the menu shows that the same ingredients are listed for the grilled cauliflower dish, so it may have very well been a printing error. Regardless, the internet had a field day with it.

5. Barry Bonds Freestyle

Also on the mixtape "Comeback Season," this freestyle rap mentions another iconic American snack brand: Chips Ahoy! Practically everyone grew up eating Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies. And basically everyone has also heard the children's song, "Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?" On "Barry Bonds Freestyle," Drake combines the two for some scandalous wordplay.

"And your ex-man is a hater, officially/ Probably 'cause he know I'm exactly what you wish he be/ Yeah, that's the reason why he looking hard/ 'Cause I done snatched the Chips Ahoy out the cookie jar"

Let this stand as a warning to appreciate your partner. If you don't, there could be a clever song lyric about you on the next Drake hit.

6. Ratchet Happy Birthday

This celebratory song off of Drake's "Scorpion" album takes a rather soft, caring tone. Backed by gentle beats and piano, he says, "You talk so tough/ I know you're soft like Butter Cups/ Reese's, Reese's, don't be ridiculous/ Just say your piece and peace up like Ibiza."

Drizzy may be addressing another person with these candy-sweet lyrics, but these words could also probably be used to describe him. The rapper has plenty of brash, boasting moments, but he's also known for his generous and thoughtful charitable donations (via Billboard). The music video for the hit single "God's Plan" even follows Drake around as he gives nearly 1 million dollars away to unsuspecting, average people, helping them pay for things like groceries and college tuition.

7. Lemon Pepper Freestyle ft. Rick Ross

The 2021 "Lemon Pepper Freestyle" takes its name from the lines, "One truck in front of me, one behind me to follow/ Lemme get a lemon pepper order, please." So, what's he ordering? Lemon pepper shrimp? Lemon pepper chicken wings? One can never be sure, but at least now we know it's one of Drake's favorite spice mixes.

Later, he raps about other food sensations that every broke college student and overworked employee loves: "Instant noodles, Sriracha, I still taste it/ When mama was too tired to cook and we had the basics/ Instant noodles, Sriracha, I still taste it/ Now it's a movie, I'm back at Bellag', wasted."

Instant noodles with Sriracha sauce is a delicious combo no matter how rich a person becomes. But obviously, with enough money to bet high and order bottle service at the Bellagio Resort & Casino, Drake no longer has to slurp instant noodles out of necessity. His estimated net worth, by the way, ranges from $180 million (Wealthy Gorilla) to $250 million (Celebrity Net Worth), with Parade setting it at about $200 million.

8. Bar Mitzvah in 1999

Drake has been a guest on "Saturday Night Live" several times (via IMDb). In 2014, he took to the late-night comedy show to perform a side-splitting rapped monologue about his unique family background; he has a Jewish mother and a Black father. The monologue features a young Aubrey Drake Graham becoming the artist known as "Drake" and joke-rapping these lines: "I eat Hova with nova, knishes with my b******/ A bagel and cream cheesy with my boy, his name is Weezy/ Do not go to Feingold's, though/ The pickles are rubber/ And I will not be harmin' ya/ I read the Old Testament, okra and matzo ball, I'll eat the rest of it." 

These bars celebrate many Jewish food traditions. In addition to eating the traditional unleavened bread matzo (and matzo ball soup) during Passover, Jewish people also introduced bagels with lox and cream cheese to America.

Drake ends the rap with a final "Challah," a play on both the Jewish bread and the slang "holla."

9. Closer To My Dreams

Drake is the master of the food diss. In this song off of "Comeback Season," though, it's not human food that he's using in his insult. He raps, "I'm gettin' ya cake I tell you how ya dessert taste/ I get a dessert plate/ Y'all eat Pedigree as ya meal"

In this case, the other person is so far beneath Drake that they're eating dog food compared to what he has. Low blow. But hey, animals have to eat, too. The pet food brand probably doesn't appreciate that line. But that's OK — according to Statista, Pedigree is the number two best-selling dog food brand in America, anyway.

10. Purple Flowers ft. Wiz Khalifa

"Purple Flowers" is a split track featuring both Drake and fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa. In this song, Wiz is actually the one who makes the food reference, saying, "Didn't know I'm famous, so she claim she ain't a groupie/ You feed her McDonald's, I'm the kind like eatin' sushi."

While Drake also loves sushi — his lyrics are chock-full of seafood — he doesn't see a problem with serving guests McDonald's. In 2018, he even surprised fans and friends during a live show at an intimate venue in West Hollywood by serving them loads of midnight munchies from the American fast-food giant, including fries, chicken nuggets, and cheeseburgers (via Daily Mail).

Not only that, but in a music video with rapper Future for the song "Life Is Good," the two work at a fast-food restaurant with the same yellow and red colors for which McDonald's is known.

11. I'm The Plug

"I'm The Plug" is a track on a special Drake and Future collab album entitled "What A Time To Be Alive." The 2015 release is an 11-track representation of the rappers' well-documented partnership. After starting off on a sour note — Drake reportedly kicked Future off a tour once for some negative comments (via VH1) — the two have grown together as artists. 

After Future spits his verse, Drake says, "I just dropped a jig in my Red Bull and it really gave me wings." It's a little unclear what a "jig" is. Drizzy could be referring to the popular vodka and Red Bull cocktail. On the other hand, "jiggin" is a verb that apparently refers to popping pills or doing ecstasy, if Urban Dictionary can be believed. So appreciate it as a fun quip in a song, but maybe don't try it at home.

12. Child's Play

The actual song is four minutes long, but the music video for "Child's Play" clocks in at a little over 12 minutes. That's because a significant portion of it is taken up by a scene between Drake and supermodel Tyra Banks, who plays his girlfriend.

While dining at what looks like an impossibly luxurious Cheesecake Factory restaurant, she uncovers unfaithful text messages on his phone. After an uncomfortably loud argument that attracts the attention of fellow diners, Banks smashes cheesecake in Drake's face and pours red wine on him before storming off.

When the song finally begins, Drake exclaims, "Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake?/ You know I love to go there." So while the rapper may love fine dining at Michelin star restaurants like The French Laundry in Napa Valley, it looks like he enjoys dining like an average Joe sometimes, too. Keep an eye peeled the next time you dine at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant — you never know who you'll find.

13. Jumpman

While Drake may have an appreciation for restaurants of all calibers, from street shops to chains to Michelin-starred dining rooms, there is of course a notable difference in how each hits the wallet. So while his taste buds may not measure love in dollars, he definitely does. In "Jumpman," for instance, he says, "Lobster and Céline for all my babies that I miss/ Chicken fingers, french fries for them h**s that wanna diss"

If he thinks a woman is worthwhile, he'll treat her to a luxurious seafood dinner and fancy designer clothes. If he's suspicious of them, it looks like fast food is on the menu. 

14. 305 To My City

Drizzy makes a lot of food references in his songs. Some are just for the purpose of clever wordplay, but others are more revealing about his personal tastes. A number of his tracks point to seafood as one of the artist's favorite meals.

In this track from his 2013 album "Nothing Was the Same," Drake says, "Tonight was your night, go get you some lobsters and shrimp." The song "Do It Now" from his 2009 mixtape "Born Successful" features a similar lyric: "Lobster and shrimp and a glass of moscato/ For the girl who's a student and her friend who's a model."

In Drake's world, lobster, shrimp, and seafood in general are the ideal foods for special occasions, as well as letting another person know he truly likes them.

15. No Tellin'

Drake may love The Cheesecake Factory, but he also frequents not-so-family-friendly venues, including VLive Gentlemen's Club in Houston, Texas. According to E! News, he and Rihanna once dropped approximately $17,000 there. The club touts itself as a combination night club, bikini bar, hookah lounge, and sports bar, and Drake has a favorite menu item there.

On the song "No Tellin'" off of the album "If You're Reading This It's Too Late," he says, "VLive, I order that Alfredo pasta then eat in the kitchen like I'm in the mafia/ Houston, they get me though."

If he spends thousands of dollars there each time he visits, it's no wonder he feels like he owns the place. The staff is probably more than happy to give this VIP endless bowls of creamy Alfredo pasta.

16. Omertà

Being Canadian, Drake is well-known for being a superfan of NBA's Toronto Raptors. In fact, he's such an enthusiastic fan that the team officially named him the franchise's global ambassador in 2013 (via ESPN). So when the team won the NBA Finals in 2019, the rapper was so happy that he reportedly decided to gift the world two new singles (Alternative Press).

The release, entitled "The Best in the World Pack," featured songs "Omertà" and "Money in the Grave ft. Rick Ross." On "Omertà," Drake throws some shade at the Japanese steakhouse chain Benihana. "To me, Benihana is pigeon food," he says.

The insult caught another music star by surprise. Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz tweeted that he was absolutely "shocked" by the Drake lyric. When another Twitter user asked Wentz what he likes to order at the hibachi spot, he mysteriously replied, "I go wherever the winds from the onion volcano carry me."

17. Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2 ft. Jay-Z

This song off the album "Nothing Was the Same" sees Drake kicking off his verse with shoutouts to two of his favorite Italian restaurants in Canada: "After hours at Il Mulino/ or Sotto Sotto, just talkin' women and vino."

Unfortunately, since the album's release in 2013, it appears that Toronto's Il Mulino has closed its doors. But Sotto Sotto's Toronto and Oakville locations are still in business. There, guests can sample authentic Italian cuisine (the owner of the restaurant hails from Rome) in a fine dining atmosphere. For a true taste of Rome, try any of the city's four traditional pasta dishes: cacio e pepe, carbonara, gricia, and amatriciana.

18. 5 AM in Toronto

Sotto Sotto gets another shoutout in this song. First released as a single in 2013 and then subsequently included on the 2019 compilation record "Care Package," "5 AM In Toronto" also calls out two other local restaurants. In a song that's entirely about how awesome and important of a rapper Drake thinks he is, he says, "Eatin' like I'm seated at Swish, Sotto, and Joso's."

According to First We Feast, "Swish" may refer to the Canadian food chain Swiss Chalet, which is known mostly for its chicken and BBQ ribs. Joso's is a Dalmatian Coast-inspired seafood restaurant with eclectic decor, which includes a lot of artwork depicting very voluptuous women. At Joso's, guests can savor menu items such as grilled octopus, cuttlefish ink risotto, seafood pasta, and more.

The point is, Drake is always both literally and figuratively (on fame, money, etc.) feasting.

19. 6 PM In New York

There's a lot of beef in the rap game. Rap is famous for its feuds. Artists often fire off jabs at each other on diss tracks. In a musical genre that's so lyrically blunt, where each rapper is trying to prove they're the best, there are always battles between egos. It's easy to make clever food wordplay when rappers are always beefing.

On this "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" track, Drake says, " Phantom slidin' like the s*** just hit a puddle of grease/I cook the beef well done on the double with cheese/ Special order for anybody that's comin' for me."

Clearly, Drake isn't afraid to get into fights with his fellow artists, asserting that any jab at him will result in an even bigger insult heading back their way in no time. VH1 even made a list of all of Drake's previous beefs with his fellow artists, including hip hop titans like Jay-Z, P-Diddy, and Ludacris. Some of these verbal fights have even crossed over into physical brawls.

20. Diplomatic Immunity

"Diplomatic Immunity" is one of two songs included in Drake's 2018 "Scary Hours" release (the other was "God's Plan"). In the song, the rapper reveals more about his Italian food preferences, saying, "Caterin' is from Giorgio Baldi, Robyn's favorite/ S*** is nice, but I prefer Madeo/ Calamari rings and tomato/ I got the sauce and now shorties keep claimin' preggo"

Giorgio Baldi is an Italian restaurant located in Santa Monica, California. According to Food & Wine, Rihanna (née Robyn Rihanna Fenty) adores its spaghetti pomodoro, gnocchi, and ravioli dishes. Drake, on the other hand, says he prefers Madeo. The restaurant, which over the years has moved between various Los Angeles locations, is apparently one of the top restaurants for spotting celebrities in LA (via Discover Los Angeles).

21. Stay Schemin'

Drake popped in on this Rick Ross single alongside French Montana in 2012 to let everyone know what his go-to Italian food order is. After spitting a few lines about how rappers these days have gone soft, he randomly says, "Spaghetti Bolognese in the Polo Lounge."

It's likely that he's referring to the Polo Lounge at the famed Beverly Hills Hotel, which has been a hot spot for celebrity clientele for generations. While the dinner menu shows rigatoni Bolognese, it's not hard to imagine that the kitchen staff could substitute a type of noodle for the 6 Man. Fun fact: Hip hop icon Fat Joe used the Drake lyric to caption an Instagram photo he took at the Polo Lounge.

22. Who Do You Love?

Drake really loves the Japanese seafood restaurant Nobu. Based on the sheer number of times he's mentioned it in his song lyrics, it very well might be one of his favorite places to eat in the world. Nobu is a high-end chain found in countries around the world, from America to Italy to the Bahamas. But Drake specifically names the Nobu in Malibu ("Eatin' crab out in Malibu at Nobu") during his verse on YG's hit song "Who Do You Love?"

Drizzy name drops the restaurant again in his song "Gyalchester" on his 2017 album, "More Life." He says, "Can't get Nobu, but you can get Milestone." According to LAist, Milestones is a Canadian restaurant chain. Milestones restaurants aren't shabby by any means, but Drake definitely ranks it a tier lower than his beloved Nobu. And during a special rap he performed exclusively for Link Up TV called "Behind Barz," he said, "Wasn't no cameras, wasn't no pose/ Just like that one time at Nobu/ Good thing man weren't pullin' out phones."

Drake's messaging is clear: Want great seafood? Go to Nobu. End of story.

23. Can't Take A Joke

Drake — and a lot of rappers, for that matter — often talks about how hard he worked to achieve the success he has today. On this track off of the album "Scorpion," he talks about his late nights in the recording studio and his relentless work ethic. Comparing himself to other, lesser rappers, he says, "They be throwin' in the towel/ I do yellowtail at Tao."

With this line, he's equating hard work and success to expensive meals at high-end restaurants. Tao Group owns some of the finest restaurants and clubs in the world, offering not just top-quality food, but drop-dead gorgeous decor. While Drake doesn't specify which Tao restaurant it is, the reference to yellowtail (Japanese amberjack fish) suggests it's likely one of their Asian bistros.

24. Do Not Disturb

Here's another reference to Italian food. This track off the album "More Life" adds another fine Italian restaurant to the list. In this song, he says, "Last table left in Carbone, callin' plays on the rotary phone."

Carbone's original location is in New York City's Greenwich Village, but since the venue opened its doors in 2013, it has expanded. Today, guests can also feast on Carbone's delectable Italian entrees in Miami Beach, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong. Major Food Group, which owns Carbone, also operates several other restaurants in New York and beyond, including Contessa, Santina, Dirty French, and ZZ's Clam Bar.

25. 30 For 30 Freestyle

At first listen, it's not clear what restaurant Drake is talking about in this song when he says, "And I just came from dinner where I ate some well-done seared scallops that were to die for/ But I got bigger fish to fry." But superfans of the rapper and reporters who follow his every move know that the line refers to the scallops at Fring's — a Toronto restaurant that Drake opened with Chef Susur Lee.

In a video interview with food blogger Victoria Cheng, Chef Lee explains that Drake had been on a scallop kick for a while and that the rapper even mentioned it in one of his songs. Food Republic identified that song as "30 for 30 Freestyle." Unfortunately for Drake fans, though, Fring's closed its doors when it received a buy-out offer in 2018.

26. 0 to 100/ The Catch Up

In this hit single, when Drake boasts about how he's been killing it in the rap game, he says, "I been Steph Curry with the shot/ Been cookin' with the sauce/ Chef Curry with the pot, boy." In his mind, he is to rap what Steph Curry is to the NBA: one of the best (Also, curry is delicious. Just saying).

While Drake's favorite professional basketball team is undoubtedly the Toronto Raptors, he does have a documented friendship with Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry. Interestingly, Steph Curry's father, Dell Curry, played for the Raptors at the tail end of his NBA career (via SF Gate). So when the Warriors and the Raptors met in the 2019 NBA Finals, Drake took his usual courtside seat wearing Dell's Raptors jersey to show support for both his Canadian team and his good friend.