Geoffrey Zakarian Explains His Special Connection To Harry & David - Exclusive

Fans of Geoffrey Zakarian might know him for the many restaurants he has opened or redesigned over the years (something he will take up a notch with the debut of his new Food Network show, "Big Restaurant Bet") — or they might recognize him from the series, "The Kitchen." But for those who get or gift Harry & David anytime throughout the year, Zakarian might soon be known for a new partnership with the luxury foods company. In a recent exclusive interview with Mashed, the cooking guru explained that he will soon curate his own collection of Harry & David products. "Harry & David, it's perfect. The timing was great. I know their product so well, and a lot of people do," the culinary star explained. 

From gourmet treats to complete food baskets, Zakarian is both tasting and establishing his exclusive picks for the company. He will even start contributing to the brand's blog, The Table, where he plans to share recipes, techniques, and tips for entertaining. And in fact, Harry & David actually has a long-standing place in Zakarian's heart, that comes with many family memories.

Harry & David has always been a part of the holidays for Zakarian

For Geoffrey Zakarian, Harry & David played a huge role in his family's traditions each holiday season. Just as some have fond memories of family recipes or signature dishes that appear on the table each December, riffling through an assortment of Harry & David products is equally imprinted on Zakarian's mind. "I've a very big relationship [with Harry & David], all my cousins and my uncles and everyone used to get tons of Harry & David stuff for Christmas," he explained. "It was one of those things that you expected. You wanted Santa Claus to come? Harry & David and Santa Claus are going to come," Zakarian joked.

With such a strong family tradition tied to the food gift company, it only seems right that the accomplished chef will have his own collection for fans to buy. Though his collection is not yet completely determined, fans can already find some of the featured items online. According to Harry & David, Geoffrey Zakarian's seasonal collection will include products such as Wild Alaskan Halibut, Wild-Caught Chilean Sea Bass, Bone-In Ribeye Steak, Porterhouse Steak, Filet Mignon, a Classic Epicurean Charcuterie and Cheese Assortment, The Favorite® Royal Riviera® Pears, and Deluxe Organic Fruit Basket. 

Follow Harry & David's The Table blog for Geoffrey Zakarian's posts and a peek at his collection. "Big Restaurant Bet" premieres on The Food Network Tuesday, April 5 at 10 p.m. ET.