Daphne Oz's Birthday Cake Recipe Is Turning Heads On TikTok

You might recognize Daphne Oz from her time as a host on "The Chew," or from her new show, "The Good Dish." The latter took the time slot of her dad's show, "The Dr. Oz Show," after he announced in late 2021 that he was leaving the network (via People). The television star entered the culinary world while she was still in college, Variety reports, with a successful publication of "The Dorm Room Diet" in 2010. According to ABC, the book teaches college students how to properly feed themselves and prioritize healthy eating habits. She later ran a weekly cooking segment on her dad's show, a forerunner of "The Good Dish."

As a mother of four, Oz is always looking for fun recipes to try and she regularly posts recipe ideas and tips on her Instagram page and TikTok. Her latest video post shares her favorite recipe for a birthday confetti cake and people are just eating it up. 

Confetti cake is the real party

In her most recent TikTok, Daphne Oz says confetti cake is "a birthday classic that should be enjoyed many times a year." She demonstrates how to mix the ingredients together to make a batter that is "lovely, fluffy, beautiful." Once she adds in rainbow sprinkles, the batter is ready to go into the pans and looks like an exciting twist on a Funfetti cake.

She takes baking paper and cuts two inserts for the pans, to keep the cake from sticking before putting everything into the oven. She finishes up the video by frosting the cake and adding additional rainbow sprinkles as a decoration. Most comments are compliments on the cookbook author's dress in the video (and the fact she managed to bake a cake without getting any flour on herself), but a few people acknowledged the cake itself. One person said, "Sprinkles always make me smile." Another person wrote, "You need a cooking show!" A third said, "The parchment paper hack is genius." And another commented, "So happy to see you chef'ing on TikTok!" We couldn't agree more.