Redditors Are Apprehensive About Aldi's Wild Herring In Wine Sauce

Have you ever been in a grocery store, looked at some of the products, and thought, "Who eats this stuff anyway?" Past the usual boxed offerings and produce, you can usually stumble across some pretty strange things in a grocery store that make you wonder who exactly is buying certain items. This is not to say that these are bad — looks can be deceiving — but they can be pretty unconventional at times. Food Network lists off everything from pickle-flavored popcorn at Trader Joe's, chips made from ground-up crickets, clam-flavored candy canes, and Thin Mint chickpeas. Again, for all we know, these can be pretty good — it's just that most would never think of clams and Christmas candy together.

Although some may consider foods that aren't name-brand to be pretty weird themselves (For example, you may be a little hesitant to try knock-off soup that isn't Campbell's or Lipton), there are some that don't, instead relishing in the low prices of these private label products. It's why places like Aldi's exist, giving people lots of groceries without having to spend as much money. Aldi stores have also shown that just because they don't carry a ton of name-brand products, they are still a reputable store that carries quality goods. But sometimes, even Aldi's shoppers may be apprehensive about certain items, especially if it's something like herring in wine sauce.

Redditors weren't sold on the idea of trying the wild herring

On the subreddit r/Aldi, an Aldi shopper posted an image consisting of several jars of wild herring in wine sauce, proclaiming in almost joyous manner, "Wild herring in wine sauce is back!" Many commenters, however, were far more apprehensive, with one person saying, "I'm always seeing this but I'm not brave enough to buy and try it lol."

"I like trying new things and I love fish, but I haven't brought myself to buy this yet. The jar is SO BIG. Should I try them?" another asked, while someone else said, "[Thirty-two] ounces is too much of a commitment for me, even though I am curious." Another Reddit user admitted they were taken aback by the sight of them. "I saw this at my store yesterday [and] thought 'wtf is that,'" they wrote.

Other users had fond memories of enjoying the wild herring, recalling enjoying them on rye with cream cheese or prepared with sugar and vinegar on pumpernickel bread. Pickled herring in wine sauce is said to have a sweet, somewhat oniony taste to it if pickled in wine sauce. It's also said to be very healthy in omega-3 acids so, even if you aren't a fan of the taste, it's actually a pretty nutritious choice.