The Truth About Alexis Wells From Spring Baking Championship Season 8

One of the hallmarks of the Food Network is its various "Baking Championship" series intended for all ages and celebrating all seasons. The spring edition has been around since 2015, airing nearly 60 episodes across seven seasons — and now it's back. Although the show has seen a number of judges and hosts throughout the years, "Spring Baking Championship" Season 8 is currently being hosted by Molly Yeh and judged by Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller, and Kardea Brown (via Distractify). All of these figures have extensive experience in the culinary world, equipping them to offer each contestant advice and critiques.

This season, 12 bakers compete for a chance to win $25,000 in grand prize money, per Food Network. The hopefuls, whose challenges range from upside-down cakes to "unique takes on pies," come from as far east as New York City and as far west as Honolulu. For now, let's meet Alexis Wells, a California-based pastry chef. 

Wells is no stranger to baking competitions

Back in 2013, Alexis Wells made a buzz in her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, for her fundraiser to get to a national baking competition (via Wheat Wanderings), planting the seed for many more in the future. Her time studying culinary arts at King Career Center solidified her hopes to become a pastry chef — and she did. First, she moved to San Diego, California, for further culinary training, says SD Voyager. As of 2018, Wells had competed in more than 15 baking competitions, placing or medaling in each one. These days, she runs a bakery in Carlsbad, California, called Desserts by Alexis. Based on her Instagram profile, she specializes in elaborate donuts, creatively flavored croissants, and elegant tarts.

According to Food Network, Wells brings with her "a strong competitive spirit thanks to her time competing in gymnastics, cheer, and bodybuilding," which perhaps reveals a hidden talent for performing under pressure for this Alaskan pastry chef. Viewers will have to see how all of this experience under Wells' belt (er, apron) helps her fare in the competition.