TikTok Is Confused By Emily Mariko's Latest Citrus 'Recipe'

Even if you don't recognize Emily Mariko's name, there's a good chance you're familiar with her TikTok videos. The lifestyle influencer took the internet by storm last August with her viral salmon rice hack, in which she mashed up leftover cooked salmon and rice (heated in the microwave with an ice cube) with soy sauce, sriracha, and Kewpie mayo, served with a side of crispy roasted seaweed. While the recipe seems simple, it was novel enough to crack the TikTok code, as her original salmon rice video and subsequent recreations have amassed more than 100 million views and, according to TODAY, earned Mariko many of her now 10 million followers.

These days, 30-year-old Mariko demonstrates of a number of other recipes on her TikTok page. Her posts consistently attract tons of attention, with one DIY Chipotle bowl video from February raking in a whopping 45.8 million views. However, not all of them have gone over quite as well as the salmon dish that helped her rise to TikTok fame. This week, the social media star posted her seemingly simple citrus hack, which left many viewers a bit confused.

TikTokers aren't sure what fruit Mariko is eating in this video

In Mariko's latest TikTok video, the influencer demonstrates how to make a simple citrus dish by slicing a large, yellow, grapefruit-like fruit down the middle, placing one half in a bowl, and topping it with a sprinkling of white sugar before digging in with a spoon. The recipe seems easy to recreate upon the first watch, which The Cut says is one of the main draws of the TikToker's videos. However, the comments section tells a different story.

Several viewers were left scratching their heads at Mariko's recent post for one big reason: They couldn't identify what type of fruit she was eating. Many thought she was snacking on a giant lemon, which left a sour taste in several TikTokers' mouths. "Girl I know u did not just do that," one person commented. "I draw the line here emily," quipped another follower. Some assumed Mariko was eating a grapefruit, while others appeared to be at a complete loss. "You have to explain this one," TikToker @funkyfresh22 wrote.

As of this writing, Mariko has not answered any questions about her citrus treat, though several commenters have confidently stated that she was eating a type of citrus called a pomelo. This seems to check out, and if you're now hoping to try one, you may want to act fast. Mariko's videos are known to cause shortages at the grocery store, so you may want to get shopping ASAP if you want to eat a pomelo like the content creator.