Aldi Brought Back Its Hot Cross Buns Infused Gin, But Only In One Country

Aldi Australia struck gold last year when the grocery chain released a signature hot cross buns-infused gin liqueur leading up to Easter. According to the Daily Mail, Australian fans couldn't get enough of the drink, with customers pouring themselves glasses of the liqueur over ice or mixing it up with ginger ale. As its name suggests, the gin is meant to replicate the flavor of the spiced, raisin-studded, traditional English sweet buns, featuring flavors from "nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger," per manufacturer Manchester Drinks Co.

One year later, the spirit has made a return for the upcoming holiday. Better Homes and Gardens reports that Aldi plans to bring back the Easter gin for 2022 on March 30. As was the case last year, Aldi doesn't plan to stock this seasonal gin forever, so anyone who's curious what a hot cross bun tastes like in gin form won't have long to try it. 

Where to get this seasonal gin liqueur

If you want to score your own bottle of hot cross bun-flavored gin, you'll need to pack your bags if you live outside of Australia. According to LADbible, this is an Aldi Australia product that has yet to make its way to other countries. If you do snag a bottle, though, an Aldi spirits and beer buyer recommended serving the drink straight, over ice, or mixed with soda. 

Manchester Drinks Co. isn't the only company serving up liqueur inspired by hot cross buns, however. Delish reports that The Infusionist brand carries a similar type of gin, which is available for Easter this year at Aldi stores in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Aldi competitor Marks & Spencer has rolled out a hot cross bun cream liqueur, made with fresh cream, to shoppers in the U.K. — which may or may not be different enough from Aldi's version to avoid a Caterpillargate lawsuit.