Chick-Fil-A Employees Are Sharing The Most Abominable Sandwiches They've Had To Make

Have you ever been in line at a fast-food place, not in the drive-thru in the comfort of your own car, but standing directly in line with a group of strangers? In between waiting for your order to be called and looking through your phone, you'll overhear people giving their orders. You try to focus on your text message when — wait, what? Did you hear that correctly? Did they really order something like that? No, that can't be. Who would walk into a place like this and order that out loud? Whether you're at a McDonald's, Burger King, a Wendy's, or any other fast food joint, you're bound to hear some pretty weird orders. And who else would be more familiar with freaky requests than those behind the counter?

McDonald's employees told Business Insider some of their weirdest orders involve a whole uncut potato, a meatless double quarter pounder, raw beef patties, and McChickens slathered in strawberry jam. Thrillist describes customers demanding single slices of cheese, spaghetti from Wendy's, and coffee loaded with Splenda packets. Indeed, all fast food places have some pretty weird customers — and the weird things they eat. Chick-Fil-A has gotten more than a few strange orders — and workers are all too happy to share their stories.

Orders include pickle sandwiches and well-done bacon

On the subreddit r/ChickFilAWorkers, employees gathered around the proverbial table to share their stories about what sort of abominable sandwiches they have had to make for customers. The original poster's sandwich was a Smokehouse BBQ Grilled Chicken — sans lettuce, cheese, sauce, and the multigrain bun replaced with the yeast bun, effectively making a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon.

"Cfa sandwich wrapped in pickles instead of a bun, cfa biscuits with 6 pickles each." Another user described, adding that the same day, they had seen a customer order a sandwich with 10 extra slices of cheese.

Another employee described how a customer ordered a "well done filet" with "well done bacon" as part of what seemed to be a complex sandwich.

"Not a sandwich but we once had a group of three guys come in 30 minutes before close and ask us if they brought their own fries if we could fry them for them." user "National-Baseball-63" recounted, with another user asking "What's wrong with the waffle fries anyway?"

"i kid u not, a man ordered a cfa deluxe but he wanted to add 2 more cfa filets on it, 6 bacon, and 4 more slices of cheese." said user "dtdrkelp". "Made my stomach hurt just thinking ab it."

Weird Chick-Fil-A orders have been around for quite some time. A TikTok video showcased just some of the strangest orders, such as "mac and cheese with straw" and "red flag angry about fruit cup."