These Moldy Birthday Cakes Had TikTok Gagging

On the list of wish-granting desserts, there's nothing more special than a birthday cake. It could be homemade or one of those themed store-bought cakes at Walmart, Sam's Club, or a local bakery. No matter where it's from, there's something almost magical about digging into a moist, icing-covered hunk of cake at a birthday celebration after the guest of honor blows out their candles. It would be a real shame if you saw the dessert had been consumed by a foul mold, wouldn't it?

Unfortunately, a video alleges that such disgusting desserts aren't just real – they can be found at stores. TikTok user ahhmoee filmed a clip inside of an unspecified store, where two people appeared to inspect unopened birthday cakes. Inside the clear plastic containers, spots of mold could be seen growing in places where birthday wishes were meant to live. One chocolatey-looking cake had an enormous patch of greenish-white fuzz growing along the side. "It literally looks like fur," a commenter remarked. Another mustered a simple "AHHH." The video's voiceover warns viewers to "stay safe out there," claiming "these stores just don't care." 

It's important to point out that we can't directly verify the video or rule out the possibility that someone bought cakes, let them get moldy, and then recorded them. But even if we take the footage at face value, the conclusion might not be straightforward. Commenters seemed disgusted and divided about where to place the blame.

Viewers debated if the store was to blame

Viewers of the video found themselves debating just who exactly was to blame for the spoiled cakes. Some leaned towards the side that the store itself was at fault. After all, shouldn't the managers be responsible for trying to make the store look good? "Customer service has gone wayyyyy downhill since covid," wrote one commenter (via TikTok). "That store is probably one giant health department violation." another commenter responded.

Others, however, were a bit more sympathetic. They believed that, due to an ongoing hiring crisis, many workers couldn't be found to help rotate stock or clean the store. With so few people, they reasoned, it would be natural for the store to encounter such problems. If so, this may also explain certain other moldy food products that have popped up on social media. In November of 2021, a Redditor shopping at Costco discovered an entire package of prosciutto so covered in mold that it turned a cotton candy-blue color.  In January, another user claimed they not only spotted rotten produce at their Walmart but also a block of moldy cheddar cheese.  Redditors on r/Prepper have also perceived a decrease in the quality of certain products such as foodstuffs, which some commenters saw as a consequence of supply chain disruptions and poor handling.

When it comes time to celebrate a special someone's special day, people can still try a traditional birthday cake recipe just to be safe.