This French Grocery Store's 'America Week' Had TikTok Arguing

While expanding one's cultural horizons through travel and research is always encouraged, there's nothing quite like getting to enjoy the fruits of your homeland. As Americans, we are fortunate to experience the different cultures that both unite us and make us unique. Be it the rich Japanese heritage of Los Angeles' Little Tokyo or the German influences of Pennsylvania's Dutch Country, we have a great wealth of cultural stories, traditions, and cuisine right in our backyard. But if someone were to come up to you and ask what exactly was American-style food, what would you say?

The answer may not be a straightforward one. As many cultures have combined to influence American dishes, it's hard to say what can be placed as an "all-American" food. The Spruce Eats lists Southern-style foods such as grits, fried chicken, and biscuits alongside comfort foods like mac and cheese and pot roast as staples of American cuisine. Traveler offers apple pie, barbeque, and even Thanksgiving dinner as some of the must-try foods in the country. There are certainly some surprising foods Americans miss while abroad.

Although we here in the United States obviously know the foods and dishes of America, other countries might not be so familiar. But that doesn't stop them from showing an appreciation for American culture just the same. In a supermarket in France, they held "America Week," offering up plenty of American-centric foods for French citizens to enjoy. However, what they offered might surprise you.

The French have a strange view of American food

TikTok user Sarah Donnelly (@sarahdcomedy) is an American living in Paris. In a recent video, Donelly was curious to see that the grocery store Picard was hosting what they called "Crazy America Week." The only problem, according to the post, was that they did not appear to have a clear understanding of American cuisine. As the TikToker tours the store, there are Pastrami Waffles, Popcorn Ice Cream, and other strange combinations of items. Commenters on the video seemed curious about the food but were caught in a debate about what exactly could be called American cuisine. 

"It's because there's no such thing as American cuisine," remarked one user. "Bro this food is probably better than the original in the US." said another user. Others in the comments, however, were quick to refute such claims, noting the diversity and variety of American food. " 'America doesn't have cuisine' — anyone who says this has no concept of the US and how diverse the regions are," wrote one user. Another, who identified themself as an anthropology major, explained that there was no "set" American cuisine, but instead a variety of regional dishes — for example, Cajun food in the South — that compose what we know as American cuisine. But past all the arguments, some users found humor in the wacky and weird food choices, with one user responding, "They're asking Trader Joe's what we eat aren't they?"