Jamba Is Bring Back This Electric Lemonade Flavor For Spring

When the weather warms up, some people may say goodbye to the hot beverages that warmed their mornings in favor of something a bit cooler, like a smoothie. For those who aren't eager to bust out the blender and make a smoothie at home, Jamba is looking to provide a jolt of springtime with its latest seasonal offering. According to Chew Boom, Jamba's popular Electric Berry Lemonade Smoothie has returned to the menu. 

Back in 2020, the chain released the flavor alongside the Orange Carrot Karma Smoothie. The ingredients list might sound a bit like a fruit salad exploded. Per the Jamba website, the beverage combines lemonade with a berry juice blend, fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt, and raspberry sherbert. These ingredients are joined by fresh grapes, pear, peaches, and strawberries. It derives its purple hue from the addition of blue spirulina, a type of algae associated with immunity-boosting compounds (via Verywell Health).

To mark the announcement, Jamba's Instagram account shared a series of promotional videos showcasing the seasonal drink surrounded by storm clouds. One post featured the tagline, "Lightning doesn't strike just once. Electric Berry Lemonade is back!" Based on the comments, some people are thrilled about the supercharged smoothie's return, with user @kthgn7 declaring "FINALLY" and @xristinaleo1 exclaiming, "Been waiting for this one!" 

A supercharged blend of spring flavors

With a base containing fruit like strawberries, grapes, pears, and peaches, the Electric Berry Lemonade Smoothie is packed with vitamin C. The medium size provides 120% of the recommended daily value, per Jamba's website. Customers who want to really load up on nutrients can add "boosts"  like zinc, whey protein, or soy protein isolate to the order.

For those who are curious about the taste of the Electric Berry Lemonade Smoothie, on Facebook, Jamba described the smoothie's flavor as "a delicious mix of both" tart and sweet. And a rave review it received on Twitter suggests at least one customer found it shockingly good: "Electric berry lemonade from Jamba Juice is really top tier."

Fans can now purchase the electric berry lemonade smoothie at participating Jamba bars around the US for a limited time. Prices may vary by location. Per the chain's website, the cost for the smoothie at a Jamba on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles ranges from $7.49 for a small to $8.09 for a medium and $8.49 for a large, with the option to add one "boost" free of charge. At this time, Jamba hasn't announced when the drink will leave the menu or if it will vanish faster than a flash of lightning.