Aldi Shoppers Are Psyched To Try These Hawaiian Crescent Rolls

When you think of crescent rolls, the first thing that comes to mind might be the familiar blue Pillsbury tube that you peel, smack, twist, and pop to open. The second thing, however, is likely the fluffy texture and buttery flavor. With a curved moon shape (hence, the name) and tons of flaky layers, crescent rolls are like tiny croissants that are best enjoyed fresh out of the oven. 

There are different ways to make and modify these edible moons. Alyona's Cooking observed that Pillsbury's version doesn't contain yeast. But a buttery recipe from Taste of Home does. There are recipes for sweet potato crescent rolls. If you want to use crescent rolls to make cheesecake, there's a recipe for that, too. And Aldi also has a sweet variation on the classic. In an Instagram post, Aldi fan account @aldifavoritefinds revealed that its Sweet Hawaiian Crescent Rolls just hit shelves in time for spring — and people can't wait to get their hands on a pack (or two or three), according to the comments.

People love the Bake House Creations brand

The sweet Hawaiian crescent rolls — which have been spotted on Aldi shelves by Instagrammers @aldifavoritefinds and @aldiforpresident — are made by Aldi in-house brand Bake House Creations. Each tube contains eight ready-to-bake rolls, which each clock in at 100 calories and 0 grams of trans fat. According to the package, they take less than 12 minutes to bake.

The news was greeted with likes and enthusiastic comments. One shopper shared: "Juuuust added these to my grocery pickup! Thanks." Another user seemed eager to grab some for the very first time: "Ohh I've never seen the Hawaiian version, I gotta try those!" While people on social media seem excited to try the "new" find, the Hawaiian crescent rolls have actually been around before. In 2019, blogger Aldi Reviewer found them in stores and, in a review, described them as "flaky and tender like traditional crescent rolls, but with a sweet flavor." 

Aldi's Bake House Creations brand has also received high marks from shoppers. In a blind taste test, Taste of Home declared Bake House Creations the best crescent rolls of the bunch (yes, even ahead of Pillsbury). "They had that picture-perfect crescent look, and they baked up nice and puffy making us all want to dive into the basket to grab one (or two)," the tester explained. "When we broke into the rolls, we found them to be flaky, moist and fluffy."