A TikToker Used This Hack To Fool Her Husband With Aldi Mayo For Years

There are plenty of controversial foods in the world, but few are quite as divisive as mayonnaise. Those that love the condiment really love it, with one fan on Reddit even claiming that they could go as far as eating it straight out of the jar. On the other hand, there's a sizable portion of the population that's staunchly anti-mayo — often for more reasons than one. "The smell is usually quite bad ... and don't get me started on what it's used with, it's like it ruins everything it's used with," another Redditor said.

Yes, the love-it-or-hate-it debate around mayonnaise is certainly one that has the potential to get peoples' blood boiling. However, it's not the only argument surrounding the creamy egg and oil-based emulsion. Amongst those that do lean pro-mayo, many tend to have a particular brand of the stuff that they prefer far more than others. Some are so dedicated to their mayo of choice that they'll even refuse the condiment if it comes out of any other jar, which apparently was the case for the husband of TikTok user @SweetChels7.

In a March 8 video, the TikToker explained that her hubby prefers Hellmann's mayonnaise over any other kind. "He will not settle for the off-brand," she said. But little did he know, he'd actually been settling for the off-brand for years.

Would you be upset about this mayo swap?

For years, TikTok user @SweetChels7's husband thought he'd been enjoying Hellmann's mayonnaise on his sandwiches. But as the TikToker's nickname, "mayoswindler," suggests, that wasn't exactly the case. In a video shared on her page on March 8, the TikToker revealed that for the last eight years, she's been tricking her hubby into eating Burman's Mayonnaise from Aldi by spooning the store-brand condiment into an empty Hellmann's jar. "ALDI FOR THE WIN," she captioned the clip.

The TikToker's admission earned plenty of buzz on the social media platform, where the video has been viewed more than 3.7 million times as of this writing and has amassed hundreds of comments, too. Some praised the TikToker for the clever hack, while others shared their own experiences of having to deceive their spouses for the sake of saving money. "My husband refuses to eat anything with cheese on it but i add it to stuff all the time and he never complains. What he don't know won't hurt em lol," user @lizloverly wrote.

Several users voiced concern that the TikToker's husband would be upset about the mayonnaise betrayal, which one person even said was "grounds for divorce" (don't worry, a follow-up video revealed that he wasn't angry). Still, for others on the app, the deception wasn't even the biggest problem with the situation. "The real crime here is that Duke's is the best," user @laserlyd wrote. Perhaps we should save that debate for another day.